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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Story 6.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why is the narrator visiting Dundun in Story 4?
(a) To appologize to him.
(b) To buy marijuana.
(c) To spend time with him.
(d) To buy pharmaceutical opium.

2. Who is the orderly at the hospital is a friend of the narrator in Story 6?
(a) Georgie.
(b) Max.
(c) Billy.
(d) Niel.

3. How much money does Wayne and the narrator each receive for the scrap wire in Story 5?
(a) $460.
(b) $55.
(c) $28.
(d) $1000.

4. What does Dundun bring to McInnes in Story 4 to make him feel better?
(a) Beer and water.
(b) Water and marijuana.
(c) An asprin and juice.
(d) Bread and water.

5. Who does the wounded man in the Emergency Room in Story 6 accuse of injuring him?
(a) His dog.
(b) Himself.
(c) His friend.
(d) His wife.

Short Answer Questions

1. In Story 5, what offer does Wayne make to the narrator?

2. While hiking through the woods in Story 6, the narrator and Georgie stumble upon what they think is a(n) ________, but it is actually a(n) ________.

3. What type of weapon is the narrator carrying on him in Story 2?

4. The host of the party at the farmhouse tells the narrator that ________ does not want the "new companion" at the house.

5. Who is Alsatia?

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