Jesus' Son: Stories Character Descriptions

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The Narratorappears in All Stories

This person is an un-named male, who is a heavy drug user and has a derogatory nickname that very clearly defines him as someone who makes stupid mistakes.

The Family in the Accidentappears in Car Crash While Hitchhiking

These people consists of a father, mother, a toddler, and baby.

The Dead Man and his Wifeappears in Car Crash While Hitchhiking

This person is the driver of the car that collides with the vehicle in which the narrator is riding.

The Truckerappears in Car Crash While Hitchhiking

This person is encountered by the narrator during his search for help after the accident. His casual but quite evident lack of compassion is perhaps one of the darkest, most chilling elements of the story.

Richard and Tomappears in Two Men

These characters don't have many distinguishing characteristics. Both are cynical, and both seem more interested in...

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