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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who is Bobbie Wickham?
(a) Red-haired girl who lives at Skeldings Hall.
(b) Tuppy Glossop's sister.
(c) Jeeves' young niece.
(d) Policeman in Bertie's neighborhood.

2. How does Bertie get out of the dreaded lunch?
(a) Jumps out the window.
(b) Twists his ankle.
(c) Jeeves recommends that he not be present.
(d) Is called away to feed the bird.

3. What does the opera singer do to Bertie's apartment ceiling?
(a) Paints it red.
(b) Lifts it.
(c) Shatters the glass ceiling completely.
(d) Knocks the plaster off.

4. Who is in the living room while Bertie is in his bath in Chapter 7?
(a) Tuppy Glossop.
(b) Jeeves.
(c) Three cats.
(d) Eustace.

5. What is Bertie singing in his bath at the beginning of Chapter 7?
(a) "Pop Goes the Weasel."
(b) "Sonny Boy."
(c) "Bubbles That Pop."
(d) "Sunrise, Sunset."

6. What is Bingo Little's actual first name, according to old Bittlesham?
(a) Mortimer.
(b) Richard.
(c) Balderdash.
(d) Scott.

7. Why does Bertie put up with Bingo's constant shenanigans?
(a) A rummy feeling of responsibility.
(b) Bingo is Jeeves' nephew.
(c) Bingo is Bertie's son.
(d) Bingo is Bertie's younger brother.

8. What is old Bittlesham upset about receiving?
(a) Blow to the stomach.
(b) Impossibly large bill from the club.
(c) Threatening letter.
(d) Six months to live.

9. What explodes at evening service?
(a) Beehive.
(b) Altar candles.
(c) Harold.
(d) Small grenade.

10. When will Cora be singing at the club?
(a) Next Sunday morning.
(b) Never.
(c) Next Tuesday.
(d) Every day for the coming month.

11. How does Bertie describe the performance of Ocean Breeze at Goodwood?
(a) Faster than the speed of light.
(b) Zounds! Astounding! Zounding!
(c) Rummy beyond all description.
(d) Nearly came in first in the next race.

12. Who will be in attendance at the club?
(a) Children.
(b) Opera lovers.
(c) Costermongers and whelk-stall owners.
(d) Classical musicians.

13. In Chapter 10, where does Bingo take his new love for a date?
(a) Zoo.
(b) Sailing.
(c) Museum.
(d) Dancing.

14. How much money does Bertie give Jeeves at the end of Chapter 10?
(a) £10.
(b) 2 shillings.
(c) None; he is very upset with him.
(d) Everything on the dressing table.

15. Who is working at Twing Hall in Chapter 11?
(a) Bingo Little.
(b) Rev. Starkie.
(c) Bertie and Jeeves.
(d) Rev. Joseph Tucker.

Short Answer Questions

1. What did Bobbie Wickham give Mr. Blumenfeld?

2. Who is Bingo in love with in Chapter 11?

3. Where is Beefy Bingham working?

4. Who is Angela?

5. Where does Miss Wickham's aunt live?

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