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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who is working at Twing Hall in Chapter 11?
(a) Rev. Joseph Tucker.
(b) Rev. Starkie.
(c) Bertie and Jeeves.
(d) Bingo Little.

2. Where is Bertie planning to take the Rowbotham clan for lunch?
(a) Russian Tea Room.
(b) Speakers' Corner hot dog stand.
(c) Lyons' Popular Café.
(d) Ritz Hotel.

3. What is Bingo reading after supper at Twing Hall in Chapter 11?
(a) Poetry.
(b) Crime novel.
(c) Romance novel.
(d) London Times.

4. How does Bertie get out of the dreaded lunch?
(a) Is called away to feed the bird.
(b) Jeeves recommends that he not be present.
(c) Twists his ankle.
(d) Jumps out the window.

5. What is Lord Bittlesham's actual first name, according to Bingo?
(a) Geoffrey.
(b) Bombadier.
(c) Alastair.
(d) Mortimer.

6. What is Bingo planning to sing at the club?
(a) "America, the Beautiful."
(b) "Sonny Boy."
(c) "Homeward Bound."
(d) "Adagio #5."

7. What did Bobbie Wickham give Mr. Blumenfeld?
(a) £1000.
(b) Aunt Agatha's dog.
(c) Her phone number.
(d) Weather report.

8. Where does Miss Wickham's aunt live?
(a) Australia.
(b) Eaton Square.
(c) Akron, Ohio.
(d) Northumberland.

9. Who is Comrade Butt?
(a) Soldier in the Confederate army.
(b) Towering giant of an intellectual.
(c) Short, shriveled chap who loves Charlotte.
(d) British airman.

10. Who is Harold, the page boy?
(a) Favorite in the Choir Boys' Hundred Yards Handicap.
(b) Turner of pages in the musical.
(c) Bingo's arch nemesis.
(d) Best boy soprano in the area.

11. Why does Bertie put up with Bingo's constant shenanigans?
(a) A rummy feeling of responsibility.
(b) Bingo is Bertie's younger brother.
(c) Bingo is Bertie's son.
(d) Bingo is Jeeves' nephew.

12. What is Gertrude?
(a) Queen of the village.
(b) Jeeves' uncle's daughter's second cousin.
(c) A ragdoll.
(d) Bertie's elderly aunt.

13. What is the name of Beefy Bingham's club?
(a) Opera Today.
(b) Beefy's Bar and Grill.
(c) Hokey Pokey.
(d) Lad's Club.

14. How much money does Bertie give Jeeves at the end of Chapter 10?
(a) None; he is very upset with him.
(b) 2 shillings.
(c) Everything on the dressing table.
(d) £10.

15. Who wakes Bertie at the beginning of Chapter 8?
(a) McIntosh.
(b) Aunt Agatha.
(c) Jeeves.
(d) Tuppy.

Short Answer Questions

1. When will Cora be singing at the club?

2. Who is Angela?

3. Who was the disguised speaker?

4. Whom is Bingo in love with in Chapter 9?

5. Who engineered the beard pulling?

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