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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What type of swimming stroke does Oswald excel at?
(a) Backstroke.
(b) Australian crawl.
(c) Butterfly.
(d) Underwater shark attack.

2. What does "S to the core" mean?
(a) S turn to the core.
(b) South to the core.
(c) Shaken to the core.
(d) So so to the core.

3. What does Florence want Bertie to do with Willoughby's manuscript?
(a) Change details about her.
(b) Translate it into French.
(c) Steal and destroy it.
(d) Get it signed by the author.

4. What is the problem with Bertie's scheme in Chapter 3?
(a) Honoria thinks he's doing it because he is in love with her.
(b) Honoria is not easily impressed by such things.
(c) Honoria is blinded by the light.
(d) He can't swim.

5. At the beginning of Chapter 4, when does the blow fall?
(a) Crack of dawn.
(b) High noon.
(c) One forty-five.
(d) Dinner cocktail hour.

6. What does Bertie recommend doing to the child on the bridge?
(a) Send him to boarding school.
(b) Get him to cut the lawn.
(c) Shove him in the pond.
(d) Teach him Latin.

7. What does Bertie do after he drinks the hangover libation?
(a) Hires Jeeves as his valet.
(b) Jumps out the window.
(c) Throws up.
(d) Does a little jig.

8. Why does Honoria suddenly switch from calling him Mr. Wooster to calling him Bertie?
(a) Jeeves told her to do this.
(b) To distinguish him from his father, Mr. Wooster.
(c) She thinks he loves her.
(d) She suddenly can't remember his last name.

9. Why is Jeeves disappointed at the beginning of Chapter 6?
(a) Politics are depressing him.
(b) Monte Carlo trip is canceled by Bertie.
(c) The eggs came out badly for breakfast.
(d) Bertie has forgotten his name.

10. How does Bingo describe Honoria Glossop?
(a) Crazy, lazy lady.
(b) Tender goddess.
(c) Wanted by the police.
(d) Harsh taskmaster.

11. What is under Bertie's bed that the cats want?
(a) Dog.
(b) Fish.
(c) Answers to their questions.
(d) Dolphins.

12. Who is Spenser?
(a) Digger of gardens.
(b) Solver of crimes.
(c) Vicar of renown.
(d) Aunt Agatha's butler.

13. What does Jeeves generally do with his emotions?
(a) Cloaks them.
(b) Expresses them easily and often.
(c) Doesn't have any.
(d) Blushes and sputters.

14. What does Lord Worplesdon like to dine in?
(a) Dress trousers, flannel shirt, and shooting coat.
(b) Pajamas.
(c) The nude.
(d) Full dress tuxedo with tails.

15. Who is Daphne Braythwayt?
(a) Bingo Little's new love.
(b) Health inspector.
(c) Romance consultant.
(d) Mystery writer.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the blow in Chapter 4?

2. In Chapter 3, what is the second way Bertie describes Honoria's laugh?

3. How does Jeeves describe Bertie to the temporary valet replacement?

4. What has Aunt Agatha convinced Sir Roderick of?

5. Who is Honoria Glossop?

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