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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Whom is Bertie engaged to in Chapter 1?
(a) Barbara Smith.
(b) Bobbie Watson's half sister, Giselda's roomate.
(c) Lady Florence Craye.
(d) Princess Toledo.

2. Where has Bertie been invited for Christmas?
(a) Skeldings.
(b) Lake Lucerne.
(c) Monte Carlo.
(d) Prison.

3. Where do the Glossops live?
(a) America.
(b) Ditteredge.
(c) Central London.
(d) Africa.

4. Who is at the top of Sir Roderick's list of "Loonies I have Lunched With"?
(a) Tuppy Glossop.
(b) Henry IV.
(c) Bertie Wooster.
(d) Aunt Agatha.

5. Why is Jeeves disappointed at the beginning of Chapter 6?
(a) The eggs came out badly for breakfast.
(b) Bertie has forgotten his name.
(c) Politics are depressing him.
(d) Monte Carlo trip is canceled by Bertie.

6. Where are Claude and Eustace being educated?
(a) Oxford.
(b) Harvard.
(c) Pittsford Primary School.
(d) University of California.

7. Where does Bertie's uncle Willoughby live?
(a) Easeby in Shropshire.
(b) Southby in London.
(c) Westbie in Wales.
(d) Courtsey in Northern Ireland.

8. In Chapter 2, whom is the girl Aunt Agatha wants Bertie to marry?
(a) Bobbie Fisher.
(b) Florence Craye.
(c) Honoria Glossop.
(d) Mary Madelene.

9. In Chapter 5, what happens to Sir Roderick on his taxi ride on his way to visit Bertie for lunch?
(a) His hat is snatched from his head.
(b) The roof flies off his taxi.
(c) He taxi driver is arrested for speeding.
(d) His taxi has a flat.

10. What does the Duke of Ramfurline believe he is?
(a) Water sprite.
(b) Canary.
(c) King of Austria.
(d) Groundsman at Wimbledon.

11. In Chapter 2, what does Aunt Agatha believe that the right wife would do for Bertie?
(a) Make him rich.
(b) Mold him.
(c) Cook well for him.
(d) Give him community respect and status.

12. Who is the butler for Uncle Willoughby?
(a) Oakshott.
(b) Bertie.
(c) Jeeves.
(d) Florence.

13. What type of suit would Jeeves prefer Bertie wear?
(a) Simple brown or blue with a hint of quiet twill.
(b) Snazzy black leather with a shine.
(c) Highly colored Irish tweed.
(d) Bright green livery suit.

14. Who is Sir Roderick?
(a) Aunt Agatha's royal consort.
(b) Keeper of the family swans.
(c) Ancient knight on the family crest.
(d) Honoria's father.

15. What is the breakfast that fortifies Bertie in Chapter 6?
(a) Dry toast.
(b) Porridge.
(c) Fried eggs and bacon.
(d) Coffee and kippers.

Short Answer Questions

1. What type of swimming stroke does Oswald excel at?

2. What does Sir Roderick say when he sees Bertie at Skeldings?

3. When Bingo sees Dalphne, what happens?

4. What does Bertie feel like when submerged in the pond?

5. Who is Mrs. Spenser Gregson?

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