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Chapter 1

• In this first short story, Bertram "Bertie" Wooster meets Jeeves and a new era begins.

• The story begins with Bertie discovering that his valet, Meadowes, is stealing his silk socks. He fires him, returns to London, and hires a new valet through an employment office.

• The new valet shows up, and a deeply hungover Bertie comes to the door to meet "a darkish sort of respectful Johnnie" who goes directly to the kitchen and prepares a raw egg with Worcestershire sauce and red pepper that he offers to Bertie.

• Bertie swallows it, and after a few moments of suspecting that he might spontaneously combust, he feels perfectly well. Immediately he hires the new man, who introduces himself as Jeeves.

• Bertie tells Jeeves that he is engaged to Florence, and from the tone of Jeeves' polite response, he recognizes that the valet does not approve of Florence. At...

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