Jeeves and the Feudal Spirit Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

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Chapter 1 through Chapter 3

• Aunt Dahlia asks Bertie to entertain the Trotters by taking them to dinner.

• When Jeeves returns from holiday, Jeeves and Bertie argue over the moustache that Bertie grew in his absence.

• Percy Gorringe writes to Bertie asking him to invest in a stage show he is producing based on Florence Craye's book, "Spindrift."
• Stilton Cheesewright arrives at Bertie's flat. Bertie does not particularly like Stilton.

• Stilton draws Bertie's name for the annual darts sweep at the Drone's Club.

• Stilton disapproves of finding Bertie drinking.

• Stilton waits at Bertie's for his fiancee, Florence Craye to arrive.

• Bertie and Florence were briefly engaged during one of her break-ups from Stilton.

• Bertie is bored at dinner with the Trotters.

• After dinner, Bertie goes to the Drone's Club only to run into Stilton again.

Chapter 4 through Chapter 7

• Stilton believes that Bertie grew his moustache in order to appeal to...

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