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Short Answer Questions

1. Who said "individual effort counts for nothing"?

2. In villages close to the border, what is an acceptable profession?

3. Why is Bud in a hurry to marry Jasmine?

4. Why is Bud in a wheelchair?

5. During her fall Jasmine's forehead is cut by what?

Short Essay Questions

1. After leaving Darrel's home, why does Jasmine call Karin for help with Darrel?

2. Why does Jasmine call Karin after Taylor and Duff arrive?

3. How does Du feel about Jasmine's surprise from the mailman?

4. In the last chapter of the book, who arrives in strange car while Jasmine is looking out the window of the home she shares with Bud?

5. What is the "Ladies Hour?"

6. Why does Kate's home remind Jasmine of Lillian's tastes?

7. How did Jasmine work and secretly save money in Hasnapur?

8. What is the great battle between Dida and Mataji?

9. What did the letters Masterji read to his students reveal about American farmers?

10. After Pitaji died, and Jasmine's brothers came home to take care of the family. How was the outside world brought in to Jasmine at their family home?

Essay Topics

Essay Topic 1

Jasmine talks about a broken pitcher in regards to Vilma, Pitaji and herself. Explain what the broken pitcher represents and discuss why Jasmine references it in regard to each of them.

Essay Topic 2

Explain why Jasmine does not marry Bud. Discuss when and how she realizes why she won't marry him.

Essay Topic 3

Two suicides occur in this book (not referring to any bombings). For each character that committed suicide in America, give the name and explain why each committed suicide, including the events that occurred immediately preceding each death.

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