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Short Answer Questions

1. Who is Dida?

2. Why is Bud in a hurry to marry Jasmine?

3. What did Jasmine burn under the jasmine tree?

4. When asked by Pitaji, in front of her teacher, what does Jasmine say she wants to do?

5. Who is a lotus blooming in cow dung?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why does Du give his mom a loaded rifle?

2. Although Jasmine and her husband did not have a child, how did Jasmine feel they had created life?

3. What does Professorji really do for a living?

4. Jasmine calls Prakash a modern man. What are some examples of his modern outlook?

5. Who are Taylor and Wylie?

6. After Masterji leaves from speaking with Pitaji about Jasmine's education, what happens to Jasmine's mother, and what is decided about Jasmine's education versus marrying the widower?

7. Why is Darrel Lutz planting his thousand acre family farm alone for the first time?

8. How does Jasmine compare her identities to Dr. Mary Webb's reincarnations?

9. What did Jasmine's mother mean when she warned Jasmine that a husband has layers like an onion?

10. What happened to Jasmine and the Ugandan man?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Jasmine, Vilma and Mataji were all widowed. Compare and contrast the choices each made in her widowhood. How did their choices align or contradict their culture's views on widows.

Essay Topic 2

Explain why Jasmine does not marry Bud. Discuss when and how she realizes why she won't marry him.

Essay Topic 3

Dida and Mataji have opposing views about Jasmine's role as a female. Explain both sides. Why does Mataji fight so hard for her side? Why do you think Dida fights so hard for hers? Who unexpectedly comes to aid Mataji's point of view and why?

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