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Short Answer Questions

1. Jasmine compares her injury to what marking on the holiest sages?

2. Jasmine's family home is the only house on the lane with what?

3. What color is the sari Jasmine chose to wear for the movies?

4. When Half-Face told the illegals he was smuggling and to hit the water if they hear three blasts of the whistle, what did Jasmine recall?

5. Who told Jasmine of Masterji's murder?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why does Du give his mom a loaded rifle?

2. What does Jasmine reveal to Wylie that causes Wylie to shriek in outrage?

3. In the last chapter of the book, who arrives in strange car while Jasmine is looking out the window of the home she shares with Bud?

4. How are Jasmine's "differences" treated by the Baden farmers versus the people she encountered while living in New York?

5. When Jasmine returns to the family home, what does she enlist her brothers to help her do?

6. What does Professorji really do for a living?

7. After leaving Darrel's home, why does Jasmine call Karin for help with Darrel?

8. Why does Karin call Jasmine a tornado?

9. Why did Sukkhi want to kill Jasmine?

10. What news did Jasmine's mother convey to her about her old teacher?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Jasmine watches her son. In his actions and in some of the things he says, Jasmine thinks of Du as the kind of son she would have had with her husband. Why do Jasmine's thoughts go this way and what are some things that Du says and does to support her thoughts?

Essay Topic 2

Jasmine talks about a broken pitcher in regards to Vilma, Pitaji and herself. Explain what the broken pitcher represents and discuss why Jasmine references it in regard to each of them.

Essay Topic 3

Jasmine, Du and Mother Ripplemeyer all hoard things. What does each hoard and why?

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