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Short Answer Questions

1. Where did Jasmine see a rabid man die?

2. Jasmine's family home is the only house on the lane with what?

3. Who was Prakash's benefactor?

4. The family maidservant is of what caste?

5. Who had Jasmine helped with door-to-door sales?

Short Essay Questions

1. What is the "Ladies Hour?"

2. Whom did Prakash marry, and where and how did they meet?

3. Why does Du give his mom a loaded rifle?

4. Why does Jasmine call Karin after Taylor and Duff arrive?

5. Why does Karin ask for Jasmine's help?

6. How does Jasmine's idea of "dull" differ from Taylor's?

7. What does Jasmine reveal to Wylie that causes Wylie to shriek in outrage?

8. After Masterji leaves from speaking with Pitaji about Jasmine's education, what happens to Jasmine's mother, and what is decided about Jasmine's education versus marrying the widower?

9. How did "day mummy" come about?

10. How did Pitaji's view on how he would die differ from the actual event?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Jasmine talks about a broken pitcher in regards to Vilma, Pitaji and herself. Explain what the broken pitcher represents and discuss why Jasmine references it in regard to each of them.

Essay Topic 2

Jasmine, Vilma and Mataji were all widowed. Compare and contrast the choices each made in her widowhood. How did their choices align or contradict their culture's views on widows.

Essay Topic 3

On her mission to burn Prakash's suit in Tampah, at the University, Jasmine instead takes the suitcase and burns the suit in back at the hotel. Discuss what events led up to this action and describe what was going on in her head at this time.

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