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Short Answer Questions

1. After her outburst Jasmine's sisters leave and where does Jasmine go?

2. Whom does Jasmine see from her kitchen window riding a tractor in neighboring farm fields?

3. What is a kirpan?

4. How old is Jasmine when she is in the tea shop waiting with her brothers?

5. Who collects pieces of aluminum foil?

Short Essay Questions

1. What surprises Jasmine about Duff when they first meet?

2. What does Jasmine reveal as her plan once she leaves the hotel in America?

3. Why does Jasmine call Karin after Taylor and Duff arrive?

4. How did "day mummy" come about?

5. Why is Darrel Lutz planting his thousand acre family farm alone for the first time?

6. What does Lillian do to help Jasmine act like an American?

7. Jasmine has no one to pick her up at the American shore. What happens when she accepts a ride?

8. What did Jasmine's mother mean when she warned Jasmine that a husband has layers like an onion?

9. What does Jasmine reveal to Wylie that causes Wylie to shriek in outrage?

10. What news did Jasmine's mother convey to her about her old teacher?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Jasmine says that she became an American while living with the Hayes family. Explain and give examples of this transformation.

Essay Topic 2

The hot dog vendor in the park frightens Jasmine into leaving Manhattan. Explain how Jasmine first encountered this man, and also what happened the last time she saw this man in India. Why is she frightened of him?

Essay Topic 3

Thoughts triggered by an encounter with a patient, while waiting at the hospital for her doctor, cause Jasmine to compare the woman's treatment of her with that of the Baden farmers and those professors and nannies she interacted with in New York. Briefly describe how the woman treated her when Jasmine brought a cup of water to her. Then explain what Jasmine recalled about how the farmers and the New Yorkers treated her differently. Which treatment did Jasmine seem to prefer?

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