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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Jasmine cooking for dinner while Bud works late in Chapter 25?
(a) Pot roast.
(b) Chicken.
(c) Lamb.
(d) Soup.

2. Who is Professorji's wife?
(a) Lettie.
(b) Vilma.
(c) Kate.
(d) Nirmala.

3. What did the hungry hogs chew on?
(a) Shoes.
(b) Darrel's feet.
(c) Old husks.
(d) The dead dog.

4. Why is Bud at a hotel?
(a) He is waiting for his ex-wife.
(b) He is at a conference.
(c) He is waiting for Jasmine.
(d) He is on vacation.

5. Whose room does Jasmine end up staying in while she works as an au pair?
(a) Wylie's.
(b) Nirmala's.
(c) Duff's.
(d) Kate's.

6. According to Jasmine, Du has a surgeon's touch just like whom?
(a) Bud.
(b) Dr. Webb.
(c) Prakash.
(d) Darrel.

7. Where does Taylor work?
(a) Columbia University.
(b) NYC.
(c) New College.
(d) City College.

8. Who is in the park with Jasmine and Duff?
(a) Kate.
(b) Taylor.
(c) Wylie.
(d) Dr. Webb.

9. Who invites Jasmine over while Bud is working late?
(a) Karin.
(b) Kate.
(c) Mother Ripplemeyer.
(d) Darrel.

10. Who is Kate's mother?
(a) Lillian.
(b) Wylie.
(c) Nirmala.
(d) Dr. Webb.

11. Where is Jasmine headed?
(a) California.
(b) Nebraska.
(c) Tahiti.
(d) New York.

12. What is the name of Taylor and Wylie's daughter?
(a) Karin.
(b) Vilma.
(c) Lettie.
(d) Duff.

13. Who cooks dinner for Jasmine and details plans for a new life with her?
(a) Darrel.
(b) Du.
(c) Mother Ripplemeyer.
(d) Karin.

14. Dr. Webb believes she used to be what?
(a) An Aborigine male.
(b) A flower.
(c) A giant kangaroo.
(d) An elephant.

15. What did the Vadhera family do every night?
(a) Watched a film.
(b) Visited neighbors.
(c) Had a family meeting.
(d) Went out to dinner.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who taught Jasmine how to walk and talk American?

2. What is the mailman's name?

3. According to Du, Dad handles money and Jasmine handles what?

4. Where is the Hayes' apartment located?

5. How long did Jasmine stay with Professorji and his family?

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