Jasmine Character Descriptions

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Arvind-prar - This character co-inherits responsibility to care for the family. Quitting technical college in Jullundhar, and selling the family farm, this character opens a scooter repair shop.

Astrologer - From under a banyan tree, this character foretells a young girl's widowhood and exile.

Sant Bhindranwale - This character leads the fanatics.

Dida - As a strong supporter of traditional Indian values, this character opposes efforts to continue educating females, and says of the heroine, "You're going to wear out your sandals getting rid of this one."

Stuart Eschelman - Although pleasant, this tall and extremely thin economist, has an affair that leads to a family's breakup.

Kate Gordon-Feldstein - This photographer shares a loft with a spouse and their iguana.

Lillian Gordon - Arrested for harboring undocumented immigrants, this character is sent home to die.

Hari-prar - This character steers a scooter in the rain...

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