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Chapters 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5

Chapter One

• Jasmine begins her story at age seven.

• An astrologer foretells widowhood and exile for Jasmine which she refuses to accept as her fate.

• Jasmine's forehead is injured when she falls after being tapped on the head by the astrologer.

• After her sisters tend to her injury Jasmine swims and forever remembers the smell from a rotting dog she inadvertently touched.

Chapter Two

• Jasmine is twenty-four years old now and living in America.

• Jasmine is pregnant, living with the baby's father, and serving Indian dishes to her neighbors.

• Bud and Jasmine adopt Du and spend Sundays at Mother Ripplemeyer's house.

• Jasmine cares for Bud who is now in a wheelchair from gunshot wounds.

Chapter Three

• Jasmine gives Darrel a ride back to his farm because he is too drunk to drive.

• Jasmine realizes Bud is a good judge of character.

• Darrel's invitation implies he wants...

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