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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters 12-13.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Mary feel that she can trust the vicar?
(a) Because of his profession.
(b) Because of his age.
(c) Because of his shyness.
(d) Because of his smile.

2. What does Mary do after waking up late in Chapter 3?
(a) She stares out her window.
(b) She quickly dresses.
(c) She speaks to her dead parents.
(d) She pretends to be sick.

3. How does the vicar escort Mary back to Jamaica Inn?
(a) In his dogcart.
(b) On horseback.
(c) In a carriage.
(d) On foot.

4. How far is it for Mary to walk back to Jamaica Inn?
(a) Eight miles.
(b) Ten miles.
(c) Three miles.
(d) Fifteen miles.

5. At what time of day does Mary go for walks in Chapter 4?
(a) In the afternoon.
(b) Just before lunch.
(c) In the early morning.
(d) In the evening.

Short Answer Questions

1. What unsettles Mary in Chapter 1?

2. According to the driver, what do people in the area no longer do?

3. Who did Joss buy the inn from?

4. What is Mary told to help Patience with in Chapter 2?

5. Where does Joss take Mary in Chapter 11?

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