Jacob Have I Loved Character Descriptions

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Sara Louise Bradshaw

This character is described as both a romantic dreamer and tomboy. She feels she lives in the shadow of her beautiful and talented sister.

Caroline Bradshaw

This twin is delicate, beautiful, and blond. She is also a talented musician.

Susan Bradshaw

This character came to Rass Island to work as a schoolmistress.

Truitt Bradshaw

This character is a waterman, like most of the men on Rass Island. He is a large man who is described as game-legged.

Louise Bradshaw

This is the narrator's grandmother and is a difficult woman.

McCall Purnell

This character is introduced as an awkward, pudgy, fourteen-year-old boy who doesn't fit in with the other boys on the island.

Captain Billy

This character owns the ferry house and runs the ferry with his three sons.


This character works at the ferry house running the crab shipping part of the business.

Mr. Rice

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