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Great Queen Street

This is the location where Mr. Buckle's estate is located.

Lyceum Theatre

Along with his home estate, Mr. Buckle inherited this London stage where Henry Hawthorne serves as the chief actor.

Buckingham Palace

When Jack is six years old, his benefactor takes him to this location, where Jack is ordered to enter through a chimney and unlock the door so that Silas can rob the home.

Thief's hand

Mr. Tobias's office is filled with strange eccentricities, including this object that he bought from a shop in Whitechapel.


This is the location where John Sheppard is said to have been hanged in 1724.

Lineham Hall

This is the estate where Edward Constable worked prior to his employment for Mr. Butler's household. He frequently references the cruel ways that the servants were dismissed from service here.

Lackington's Temple of the Muses

This is the name of a...

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