Jack Maggs Character Descriptions

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Jack Maggs

This character is the protagonist. He returns to London illegally, after having been granted a conditional pardon in Australia, where he was sentenced to spend the rest of his life for the crime of robbery.

Henry Phipps

This character lives on Great Queen Street, in a home given him by his benefactor. He evades the protagonist throughout the novel.


This character was the protagonist’s childhood sweetheart. Having grown up largely together as orphans, she and the protagonist were used in the thieving exploits of their captors.

Miss Mott

This character is the cook at the estate on Great Queen Street where the protagonist works as a footman.

Mrs. Halfstairs

This character is the head maid at the estate on Great Queen Street. She oversees the protagonist and the other servants of the household.

Mercy Larkin

This character is a kitchen maid at the estate...

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