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Chapters 1-3

• In Chapter 1, the narrator relates that it is on Saturday night, on April 15, 1837, when "the man with the red waistcoat" arrives in London.

• The man arrives in a coach called "The Rocket" at the Golden Ox, an inn with a sign that features a golden bull.

• The man is described as "a tall man in his forties, so big in the chest and broad in the shoulder that his fellows on the bench seat had felt the strain of his presence."

• The man with the red waistcoat has his luggage taken by the porter at the inn and then wanders to the Haymarket and into a gin bar, where he orders a dram of brandy.

• It is noted that the man in the red waistcoat is missing two fingers on his left hand.

• In the dark, the man in the red waistcoat stops when he hears...

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