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Victor Klemperer
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In October 1938, when Victor becomes ill, why can't he obtain medical attention?
(a) Because he is in a mixed-race marriage.
(b) Because he has no money.
(c) Because he has no insurance.
(d) Because he is a Jew.

2. What happens to Victor's sister, Grete, after she suffers a mental collapse and a heart attack?
(a) She is sent to Buchenwald and put to death.
(b) She is sent to the hospital.
(c) She is placed in a nursing home.
(d) She is placed in a sanatorium.

3. In December 1940, what are Jews ordered to begin wearing?
(a) Yellow armbands.
(b) Yellow jackets.
(c) Yellow shoes.
(d) Yellow yarmulkes.

4. By the end of 1940, clothing has become so scarce that:
(a) People are dying from exposure due to lack of proper clothes.
(b) The ill are stripped before admission to the hospital.
(c) People are dressing in flour sacks.
(d) The recently deceased are stripped before being cremated.

5. What makes food and commercial items increasingly difficult to obtain as 1939 progresses?
(a) The American blockade.
(b) The Russian embargo.
(c) The English blockade.
(d) The Swedish embargo.

Short Answer Questions

1. For most of 1937, Klemperer finds himself believing that most Germans have always been somewhat ____________.

2. What is the purpose of the yellow sign that the government puts on Klemperer's fence corners?

3. Which of the following countries is NOT one of those the Nazis first occupy in 1940?

4. In his entries of 1938, what health problem does Victor fret about?

5. When the Klemperers take their second eight-day automobile vacation later in 1937 where do they go?

Short Essay Questions

1. As 1938 progresses, what form of resistance against the Nazis is occasionally reported?

2. In 1937, what is the conclusion that Klemperer draws about Hitler and the resilience of the Nazis?

3. In October 1938, Klemperer falls ill and makes a trip to Berlin. Why does he make this trip, and why is it dangerous?

4. In 1937, Klemperer, as always, worried about money. Despite his worry, what does he realize?

5. In what month of 1940 does the Nazi party take control of the Klemperers' house and evict them?

6. What country's civil war is still ongoing throughout 1937?

7. The return of what German legion, according to Klemperer, is celebrated in June 1939?

8. In 1939, what does Klemperer say the purpose of his diary is?

9. What brings Klemperer to believe that most Germans have always been, somewhat, anti-Semitic.

10. Klemperer says that during 1940 the black market flourishes and that war profiteering is commonplace. What does this mean in terms of day-to-day personal and business transactions?

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