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Victor Klemperer
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In October 1938, when Victor becomes ill, why can't he obtain medical attention?
(a) Because he is in a mixed-race marriage.
(b) Because he is a Jew.
(c) Because he has no insurance.
(d) Because he has no money.

2. In the middle of 1938, Jews are required to make their name 'Jewish' for easy identification. What does Victor begin calling himself in order to comply with this requirement?
(a) Israel-Victor.
(b) Victor-Israel.
(c) Victor-Jude.
(d) Jude-Victor.

3. What U.S. town does Betty emigrate to?
(a) Cleveland.
(b) Greenville.
(c) Newtonville.
(d) Toledo.

4. What dominates much of Victor's diary entries for 1939?
(a) War with Russia.
(b) War with England.
(c) War with France.
(d) War with Poland.

5. Which of Victor's relatives dies in October 1937?
(a) Maria, his sister-in-law.
(b) Eva, his wife.
(c) Grete, his sister.
(d) Georg, his brother.

Short Answer Questions

1. Whose fascist regime does Nazi Germany begin to support in 1937?

2. By the end of 1940, clothing has become so scarce that:

3. For most of 1937, Klemperer finds himself believing that most Germans have always been somewhat ____________.

4. Where are the Klemperers told they will have to live after their house is rented?

5. In what month of 1939 are the Klemperers notified that, beginning April 1940, their house will be rented to an Aryan?

Short Essay Questions

1. During a trip to Berlin, what does Klemperer learn that encourages him?

2. In what part of 1940 does the expansion in scope of the war become particularly marked?

3. For what kinds of property issues do the Klemperers find themselves harassed by the city during 1937?

4. In 1937, Klemperer, as always, worried about money. Despite his worry, what does he realize?

5. In October 1938, Klemperer falls ill and makes a trip to Berlin. Why does he make this trip, and why is it dangerous?

6. In what month of 1940 does the Nazi party take control of the Klemperers' house and evict them?

7. In 1937, what is the conclusion that Klemperer draws about Hitler and the resilience of the Nazis?

8. Whom does Klemperer begin to feel are just like Hitler in their hatred of Jews?

9. Why does the Nazi regime imposes a 'billion-Mark' fine on Jewish citizens in 1938?

10. In 1938, the Klemperers make a surprise visit to Grete on her birthday. During this visit, what or who do Grete and Victor reminisce about?

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