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Victor Klemperer
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Which of Victor's relatives dies in October 1937?
(a) Eva, his wife.
(b) Georg, his brother.
(c) Grete, his sister.
(d) Maria, his sister-in-law.

2. For most of 1937, Klemperer finds himself believing that most Germans have always been somewhat ____________.
(a) Nationalistic.
(b) Anti-Semitic.
(c) Isolationist.
(d) Pan-European.

3. By the end of 1940, clothing has become so scarce that:
(a) People are dressing in flour sacks.
(b) People are dying from exposure due to lack of proper clothes.
(c) The recently deceased are stripped before being cremated.
(d) The ill are stripped before admission to the hospital.

4. By what name is the November 1938 pogrom conducted by the Nazis commonly referred to?
(a) The Night of the Long Knives.
(b) Kristallnacht.
(c) The Catastrophe.
(d) The Shoah.

5. During 1940, so-called mixed-race Jews, who were previously allowed in the military, are:
(a) Sent to the ghettos.
(b) Sent to the concentration camps.
(c) Granted amnesty and given non-Jewish surnames.
(d) Excluded and treated as Jews.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Klemperer call the building in which their apartment is located?

2. As bombardment in western Germany becomes more fierce, refugees from that region begin to move:

3. What does Victor begin doing with his personal items?

4. In 1938, Germany annexes __________ in a non-violent political victory known today as the Anschluss.

5. Whose fascist regime does Nazi Germany begin to support in 1937?

Short Essay Questions

1. In 1938, the Klemperers make a surprise visit to Grete on her birthday. During this visit, what or who do Grete and Victor reminisce about?

2. In what part of 1940 does the expansion in scope of the war become particularly marked?

3. What brings Klemperer to believe that most Germans have always been, somewhat, anti-Semitic.

4. In 1939, what does Klemperer say the purpose of his diary is?

5. What November 1938 event forced even those Jews who were most resolutely in denial (among them Klemperer) to finally come to terms with the genocidal hatred of Hitler?

6. In 1937, Klemperer, as always, worried about money. Despite his worry, what does he realize?

7. In what month of 1940 does the Nazi party take control of the Klemperers' house and evict them?

8. As 1938 progresses, what form of resistance against the Nazis is occasionally reported?

9. In 1937, what is the conclusion that Klemperer draws about Hitler and the resilience of the Nazis?

10. During a trip to Berlin, what does Klemperer learn that encourages him?

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