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Victor Klemperer
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Klemperer teach at the university where he works?
(a) Philology and history.
(b) Philology and romance literature.
(c) Romance literature and political science.
(d) History and Renaissance literature.

2. What type of expensive medical care does Eva require in 1934?
(a) Open-heart surgery.
(b) A liver transplant.
(c) Dental work.
(d) In-patient mental care.

3. With what type of inmates are prisons over-capacity?
(a) Criminal.
(b) White-collar.
(c) Non-violent.
(d) Political.

4. When was Victor born?
(a) July 13, 1882.
(b) July 13, 1881.
(c) October 9, 1882.
(d) October 9, 1881.

5. Eva and Victor are between what ages, respectively, during 1933?
(a) 60 and 50.
(b) 50 and 60.
(c) 52 and 61.
(d) 61 and 52.

Short Answer Questions

1. In what month does Klemperer receive a planned termination notice?

2. What does Klemperer begin to question as 1933 progresses?

3. Klemperer finds the costs of maintaining the car to be extremely ______________.

4. What health condition(s) do both Klemperers appear to have?

5. What is the topic of Klemperer's book, <I>The Eighteenth Century</I>?

Short Essay Questions

1. As Klemperer fights a daily battle with fear, what is one of the frequent thoughts that he says run through his head?

2. After making inquiries into emigration during 1939, what does Klemperer conclude about his efforts to leave Germany?

3. When the Nazis renovate or make improvements the property they seized from Victor Klemperer, to whom do they send the bill?

4. Klemperer ends his friendship with Gusti and Karl Weighardt because they criticized his driving skills to others. What is ironic about this decision?

5. What is Victor Klemperer's theory of German national characteristics?

6. The return of what German legion, according to Klemperer, is celebrated in June 1939?

7. What brings Klemperer to believe that most Germans have always been, somewhat, anti-Semitic.

8. Whom does Klemperer begin to feel are just like Hitler in their hatred of Jews?

9. In pondering the nature of fate, to what does Klemperer compare life?

10. Instead of using Georg's money to emigrate, what does Klemperer do with it?

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