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Victor Klemperer
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Klemperer often deplores ____________ who knowingly support the Hitler government.
(a) Farm coalitions.
(b) Jews.
(c) Intellectuals.
(d) Bankers.

2. Both Victor and Eva appear to be _____________ much of the time in the entries written in 1936.
(a) Anxious.
(b) Angry.
(c) Depressed.
(d) Fearful.

3. In 1935, which religious group begins experiencing persecution, including lengthy prison terms?
(a) Catholics.
(b) Jehovah's Witnesses.
(c) Seventh-Day Adventists.
(d) Mormons.

4. What is the topic of Klemperer's book, The Eighteenth Century?
(a) It is a review of eighteenth-century literature.
(b) It is a review of eighteenth-century politics.
(c) it is a review of eighteenth-century German history.
(d) It is a review of eighteenth-century art.

5. As anti-Jew laws become stricter, what is an example of the type of public facilities from which Jews are excluded in 1936?
(a) Restaurants.
(b) Police offices.
(c) Grocery stores.
(d) Public reading rooms.

6. What does Klemperer begin to question as 1933 progresses?
(a) His ability to be considered a Protestant.
(b) His ability to keep his job.
(c) His ability to remain in Germany.
(d) His theory of national characteristics.

7. For what reason was Klemperer discharged from the army?
(a) He deserted.
(b) He was dishonorably discharged.
(c) He was discharged for medical reasons.
(d) He was discharged because his enlistment period had expired.

8. In 1935, how are Catholics, Communists, and Jews who are still employed removed from their jobs?
(a) They are fired.
(b) They are offered buyout packages.
(c) They are arrested.
(d) They are asked to resign.

9. With whom is Klemperer involved in a lawsuit during 1933 and 1934?
(a) A student.
(b) A fellow author.
(c) A publisher.
(d) His employer.

10. The politicized and specialized language of ________________ continues to seep into common, everyday usage.
(a) The Third Reich.
(b) The Führer.
(c) Marxism.
(d) Nazism.

11. What does Klemperer teach at the university where he works?
(a) Romance literature and political science.
(b) History and Renaissance literature.
(c) Philology and romance literature.
(d) Philology and history.

12. On what level do boycotts of Jewish-supplied goods and services occur during 1933?
(a) National.
(b) Regional.
(c) International.
(d) Local.

13. Along with his strongest recommendations to flee Germany, what does Georg give Victor and Eva Klemperer?
(a) Secret information about what Hitler has planned next for the Jews.
(b) A considerable sum of money.
(c) Tickets on the next flight out of Germany.
(d) A year's supply of medicine.

14. From what does Klemperer's youngest sister, Wally Sussman, die?
(a) A heart attack.
(b) Cancer.
(c) Old age.
(d) A stroke.

15. What work is done on the Klemperers' empty lot through the end of 1933?
(a) A cellar is excavated.
(b) A fence is built.
(c) A vineyard is planted.
(d) A fence is built and a cellar is excavated.

Short Answer Questions

1. When Klemperer's youngest sister, Wally Sussman, dies, in what city is the funeral held?

2. Which of the following countries is NOT one of the destinations favored by Jews emigrating from Germany in 1934?

3. What illness does Victor contract during 1935?

4. At what point during classes are professors expected to give the Nazi salute?

5. What 1936 event prompts the brief removal of all anti-Semitic references in German media?

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