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Victor Klemperer
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What has happened to Klemperer's theory of the essential character of the German nation?
(a) He is seriously doubting it.
(b) He has entirely abandoned it.
(c) He has nearly abandoned it.
(d) He is holding tighter to it than ever.

2. Klemperer finds the costs of maintaining the car to be extremely ______________.
(a) Moderate.
(b) High.
(c) Low.
(d) Reasonable.

3. What about many Jews' attitude towards the Nazis amazes Klemperer?
(a) They want to join the Nazi party.
(b) They accept them.
(c) They agree with them.
(d) They want to become Communists as a sign of protest.

4. Before his discharge from the army, where did Klemperer serve?
(a) Behind a desk.
(b) In a hospital.
(c) In a tank.
(d) On the front lines.

5. By the end of 1934, which area of Europe votes to attach itself to Germany?
(a) Austria.
(b) The Transvaal region.
(c) The Saar region.
(d) Czechoslovakia.

6. In July 1934, in whose favor is Klemperer's lawsuit settled?
(a) It is split between both parties.
(b) It isn't settled; it is thrown out of court.
(c) Klemperer's.
(d) The defendant's.

7. With what type of inmates are prisons over-capacity?
(a) Political.
(b) White-collar.
(c) Non-violent.
(d) Criminal.

8. How much of the retirement pay that they had worked for do Catholics, Communists, and Jews who lose their jobs get?
(a) None.
(b) Full retirement pay.
(c) One-third retirement pay.
(d) Half retirement pay.

9. In what month does Klemperer receive his driving permit?
(a) March.
(b) January.
(c) June.
(d) July.

10. Why does Klemperer receive a reduced-rate retirement payment?
(a) He is a veteran of World War I.
(b) He is a veteran of World War I and is a convert to Christianity.
(c) He is a veteran of World War I and is married to an Aryan woman.
(d) He is a convert to Christianity.

11. As anti-Jew laws become stricter, what is an example of the type of public facilities from which Jews are excluded in 1936?
(a) Public reading rooms.
(b) Grocery stores.
(c) Police offices.
(d) Restaurants.

12. What work is done on the Klemperers' empty lot through the end of 1933?
(a) A fence is built.
(b) A fence is built and a cellar is excavated.
(c) A cellar is excavated.
(d) A vineyard is planted.

13. What is the "Night of the Long Knives" referred to as by Klemperer?
(a) The Kristallnacht.
(b) The Shoah.
(c) The Röhm Revolt.
(d) The Anschluss.

14. What does Klemperer report about his wife, Eva's, health?
(a) She is very healthy and never gets sick.
(b) She is confined to a wheelchair.
(c) She is infirm and sickly on a nearly daily basis.
(d) She is generally healthy but occasionally falls ill.

15. In which war does Italy become involved toward the end of 1935?
(a) The Balkan War.
(b) The Armenian War.
(c) World War II.
(d) The Abyssinian War.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the truth about the voluntary Nazi political-fund drives?

2. What 1936 event prompts the brief removal of all anti-Semitic references in German media?

3. What does Klemperer's book LTI deal with?

4. What is one interesting example of Nazi indoctrination noted by Klemperer in his 1936 entries?

5. Victor Klemperer, the diarist, is a ___________ who has converted to _________.

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