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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Section XV, Chapters 43 through 44.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Rebecca do before Bois-Guilbert leaves her in Chapter 39?
(a) Rebecca forgives Bois-Guilbert.
(b) Rebecca slaps Bois-Guilbert.
(c) Rebecca faints.
(d) Rebecca agrees to marry Bois-Guilbert.

2. How many men are said to be backing the opposition to De Bracy, Bois-Guilbert and Front-de-Boeuf?
(a) Three hundred.
(b) One hundred and fifty.
(c) Ninty.
(d) Two hundred.

3. Who is Rowena in love with?
(a) Ivanhoe.
(b) Bois-Guilbert.
(c) Cedric.
(d) Athelstane.

4. What do the men eat in the forest in Chapter 41?
(a) Bread.
(b) Berries.
(c) Rabbit.
(d) Venison.

5. What activity are Prior Aymer of Jorvaulx and Brian de Bois-Guilbert traveling to?
(a) A trial.
(b) A battle.
(c) A tournament.
(d) A conference.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is Cedric's son named?

2. Who does Athelstane say drugged him in Chapter 42?

3. Which woman is chosen to preside over the next day's tournament?

4. What does Ulrica do after visiting Front-de-Boeuf?

5. What does the shield of the mysterious knight say?

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