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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Section VII, Chapters 21 through 23.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who is Rebecca?
(a) Isaac the Jew's daughter.
(b) The nurse who cares for Ivanhoe.
(c) Prince John's fiancee.
(d) Athelstane's daughter.

2. Where does Isaac's cousin live?
(a) Chester.
(b) Ipswich.
(c) Norwich.
(d) Leicester.

3. What type of work does Gurth do?
(a) Falconer.
(b) Almoner.
(c) Tanner.
(d) Swineherder

4. What does Cedric insist when Isaac of York comes in?
(a) That he not speak to the Normans.
(b) That he sit at a separate table.
(c) That he pay for the privilege of staying at the castle.
(d) That he be given extra bread.

5. What does Friar Tuck say about his food?
(a) It is nutritious.
(b) It is blessed by the saints.
(c) It is tasteless.
(d) It is provided by the townspeople.

Short Answer Questions

1. What illegal activity does the Black Knight suspect the monk of participating in?

2. What does Isaac beg of Front-de-Boeuf in distress?

3. What does Isaac ask his cousin for?

4. What does the Disinherited Knight accept as a reward after the tournament?

5. Who chooses which woman will be named Sovereign of Love and Beauty?

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