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Crusades - This is a war fought by the Knights Templar against the Saracens in Palestine.

England - This is where the Normans and Saxons live.

Sherwood Forest - This place is where many outlaws live.

Sheffield - This place is a city in the north of England.

Doncaster - This place is a borough in the north of England.

Conquest of 1066 - This is the time when the Normans assumed rule over England.

Saxon Language - This is considered barbaric by the Normans.

Norman Language - This is considered the epitome of chivalry and intelligence.

Anglo-Saxon Language - This is something which signifies a lower social status.

Brass Ring - This is worn by servants.

St. Botoph - This is the location where Ivanhoe is taken when injured.

Templestowe - This is the meeting place of the Templars.

Rotherwood - This place is Cedric's home.


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