Objects & Places from Ivanhoe

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This is a war fought by the Knights Templar against the Saracens in Palestine.


This is where the Normans and Saxons live.

Sherwood Forest

This place is where many outlaws live.


This place is a city in the north of England.


This place is a borough in the north of England.

Conquest of 1066

This is the time when the Normans assumed rule over England.

Saxon Language

This is considered barbaric by the Normans.

Norman Language

This is considered the epitome of chivalry and intelligence.

Anglo-Saxon Language

This is something which signifies a lower social status.

Brass Ring

This is worn by servants.

St. Botoph

This is the location where Ivanhoe is taken when injured.


This is the meeting place of the Templars.


This place is Cedric's home.


This place is where a tournament is held.


This place is located in...

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