Ivanhoe Character Descriptions

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Character Descriptions

Wilfred of Ivanhoe - This character is disinherited by his father.

King Richard - This character is a Norman, respected even by Saxons.

Brian De Bois-Guilbert - This character is chosen to champion the Templar Knights in a witchcraft trial.

Lady Rowena - This character is given the title of "Queen of Beauty and Love."

Cedric - This character disinherits his child.

Prince John - This character usurps power while the king fights during the Crusades.

Isaac of York - This character is a moneylender.

Robin of Locksley - This character is the leader of a group of outlaws.

Athelstane - This character is a Saxon with rights to the throne.

Urfried - This character was imprisoned in Torquilstone for many years.

Maurice De Bracy - This character is named High Marshall.

Rebecca - This character is kidnapped.

Reginald Front-de-Boeuf - This character dies when someone sets...

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