It's Kind of a Funny Story Fun Activities

Ned Vizzini
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Mind Map

Students create a Mind Map about themselves based on the information about how they are made in the novel. The Maps should combine both geographical information and personality traits to portray their own identity. Any type of material can be used.

Advice Letter

Craig's friends are both helpful and mean throughout the novel. Some give advice while others make fun of him. Students write Craig a letter with advice on how to deal with his depression. The letter should be specific and supportive giving him tools, ideas, and strength to help him deal with his mental illness.

Movie Star Questionnaire

When Craig checks into the hospital, they give him a questionnaire to fill out about mental illness. It lists certain symptoms that may or may not prove someone is experiencing depression. Choose a particular movie and dissect an actor's proclivity to mental illness. Complete a questionnaire...

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