It's Kind of a Funny Story Character Descriptions

Ned Vizzini
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Craig Kilner

This person is the main character of the novel. He is a 15-year-old boy living in New York and suffering from depression, so he checks himself into a hospital.


This person is a close friend of the main character's, although he is not always a very good friend. He gets into the same high school as the main character, throws a lot of parties, and has a girlfriend that the main character also likes.


This person is the love interest of the main character throughout most of the novel. She dates his closest friend. She has an alternative style and also suffers from depression.

Noelle Hinton

This person is a girl that the main character meets in the psychiatric hospital. She has scars on her face from cutting herself to relieve her pain. At the end of the novel, the main character ends up dating...

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