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Paper Boat

George loses this object down a drain, and when he tries to retrieve it, he finds a clown.

George's Photo Album

Bill turns on the record player so that his parents don't hear him looking at this object.


This object is Bill's very large, very fast bike.

Henry's Knife

This object is used to kill Henry's father and to attack Mike and Eddie.

Mike's Diary

This object is started in the 1980s and contains the unusual history of Derry.

Sink Drain

Beverly sees blood spill out of this object.

Large Bird

Mike Hanlon goes to explore the site of the Kitchener Ironworks and finds this object there.

Teen Werewolf

Richie sees this when he and Bill go to the house on Neibolt Street.

The Mummy

Ben believes he sees this holding balloons and walking on the frozen canal.

The Canal

This runs through Derry and...

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