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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How many years did Annie's mother wear gray or black clothing in mourning for her mother?
(a) 10.
(b) 18.
(c) 3.
(d) 7.

2. From what did Annie suffer when she was eighteen-years-old?
(a) Scarlet fever.
(b) Anorexia.
(c) Measles.
(d) Bulimia.

3. How does Annie respond to the ways people try to comfort her?
(a) Frustrated.
(b) Respectful.
(c) Confused.
(d) Appreciative.

4. What does Annie recall about her mother's temperament?
(a) She was always laughing.
(b) She was very docile.
(c) She had a violent temper.
(d) She was extremely shy.

5. What does Annie regret doing regarding her mother?
(a) Writing a short story about her.
(b) Not bringing her new clothes.
(c) Not making her a birthday cake.
(d) Refusing to visit her.

6. What does Annie get in the mail that reminds her of her mother?
(a) A magazine.
(b) A birthday card.
(c) A water bill.
(d) A credit card statement.

7. What makes Annie especially sad about her mother's death?
(a) Her mother's dog won't stop whimpering.
(b) She has to sell her house.
(c) She will never hear her mother's voice again.
(d) Looking at old photographs.

8. Annie thinks that she can't write anything with enough ______________ to describe her mother's ordeal.
(a) Fortitude.
(b) Respect.
(c) Grief.
(d) Power.

9. In what does Annie find some small comfort related to her mother?
(a) Remembering her mother's unique sayings.
(b) Reading some stories her mother had written.
(c) Seeing her mother smile at her.
(d) Listening to records she used to like.

10. What request does Blanche make of Annie that breaks Annie's heart?
(a) To take her away from the hospital.
(b) To tell her a story.
(c) To sing her a lullaby.
(d) To comb her hair.

11. What is Blanche's reaction to Annie's return?
(a) She cries.
(b) She does not acknowledge her.
(c) She is happy to see her.
(d) She does not say anything to her.

12. How does Annie feel when the elevator door shuts in her mother's face?
(a) Guilty.
(b) Relieved.
(c) Embarrassed.
(d) Sad.

13. Annie remembers how her mother _________________ before she fell ill.
(a) Looked at her.
(b) Played the piano.
(c) Got her hair done.
(d) Gave great parties.

14. Annie notes that she talks about her mother _________________.
(a) Constantly.
(b) To no one.
(c) In the past tense.
(d) To anyone who will listen.

15. What did Annie feel was her role after her sister died?
(a) Poor substitute.
(b) Grief counselor.
(c) Comedian.
(d) Replacement.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Annie feel guilty regarding her mother?

2. Why did Annie hide feces as a child?

3. What nickname did Annie give her mother when Annie was five-years-old?

4. What does Annie feel that she lost regarding her other?

5. What habit of Annie's mother's distresses Annie?

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