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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through 1985 January-June.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In what does Annie find some small comfort related to her mother?
(a) Remembering her mother's unique sayings.
(b) Seeing her mother smile at her.
(c) Reading some stories her mother had written.
(d) Listening to records she used to like.

2. Which of the following does Blanche NOT exhibit after her hip surgery?
(a) Blank eyes.
(b) Inability to eat.
(c) Twitching hands.
(d) Better mobility.

3. Annie remembers how her mother _________________ before she fell ill.
(a) Played the piano.
(b) Looked at her.
(c) Got her hair done.
(d) Gave great parties.

4. Annie's mother is moved to a medical facility because she _____________________.
(a) Is scared at the house.
(b) Doesn't like living in somebody else's house.
(c) Becomes very ill and needs special care.
(d) Doesn't like living alone.

5. Whose changes does Annie describe?
(a) Her husband's.
(b) Her own.
(c) Her mother's.
(d) Her younger son's.

Short Answer Questions

1. Annie feels more indifferent than angry at her mother's ________________.

2. What is an important theme in the book?

3. Who can Annie's mother no longer remember?

4. Which of the following does Annie NOT note about the hospital?

5. What does Annie make her mother wear?

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