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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through 1985 January-June.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Annie find when she comes to see her mother one day?
(a) A piano.
(b) A birthday party.
(c) A pile of excrement.
(d) A caged bird.

2. What is the last sentence Annie's mother ever wrote?
(a) I smell coffee.
(b) Life is so good.
(c) I remain in darkness.
(d) This is a living hell.

3. How had Annie's mother been injured?
(a) She cut her hand while chopping vegetables.
(b) A drunk driver hit her.
(c) She tried to shoot herself.
(d) She was pushed down stairs.

4. Annie's story explores the connection between ___________________.
(a) Father and son.
(b) Brother and sister.
(c) Husband and wife.
(d) Mother and daughter.

5. How do Annie's sons react when visitors laugh at Blanche?
(a) They reprimand them.
(b) They laugh too.
(c) They cry.
(d) They are offended.

Short Answer Questions

1. Annie's book talks about the juxtaposition of _______________.

2. What is Blanche's reaction to Annie's return?

3. Which of the following does Annie NOT say she gets from her mother.

4. From what country does Annie return at the beginning of this chapter?

5. Who is embarrassed by Annie's mother's behavior in the department store?

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