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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What reason does Cincinnatus write that he is too dangerous as his own accomplice?
(a) He distrusts himself.
(b) He knows too much.
(c) He means to betray himself.
(d) He cannot control himself.

2. What do Rodion and Cincinnatus do when Rodion comes back to Cincinnatus's cell after first dropping him off?
(a) They dance.
(b) They sing.
(c) They jump.
(d) They fly.

3. Who does Emmie tease during Marthe's visit?
(a) Pauline.
(b) Marthe.
(c) The grandfather.
(d) Diomedon.

4. What does Diomedon's right leg resemble?
(a) A tree.
(b) A fishing pole.
(c) A rifle.
(d) A bottle.

5. What is Marthe holding when she meets with Cincinnaus?
(a) A flower.
(b) A candle.
(c) A mirror.
(d) A rosary.

Short Answer Questions

1. What furniture is in Cincinnatus' cell?

2. What special item has Cincinnatus asked for?

3. What does Cincinnatus think would be necessary for Emmie to rescue him?

4. What is the first thing Cincinnatus says to Emmie after she slips into his room?

5. What does Cincinnatus look at in the library catalog?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does Marthe's father treat Cincinnatus?

2. Describe Cincinnatus's walk through the prison staircase.

3. Describe the view of the surrounding land that Cincinnatus sees.

4. What does Cincinnatus hope to get out of seeing Marthe?

5. Besides how long Cincinnatus has until his execution, what else does Cincinnatus want to know from his captors? What is their response?

6. What does Cincinnatus describe happening to the world in his dreams?

7. What does Cincinnatus realize as he heads back to his cell with Rodion?

8. What does Cincinnatus do, when the director briefly leaves the meeting between Cincinnatus and Pierre?

9. How do the lawyer, the prison director, and Rodion characterize Cincinnatus' behavior?

10. What relatives does Marthe bring with her the first time she visits Cincinnatus in prison?

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