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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What part of Cincinnatus' body does Pierre examine?
(a) His arm.
(b) His back.
(c) His neck.
(d) His foot.

2. What time does the cell light go out?
(a) At midnight.
(b) At eleven o'clock.
(c) At ten o'clock.
(d) At nine o'clock.

3. What does the prison director scold the prisoner for doing?
(a) Going out of his cell.
(b) Complaining about the conditions at the prison.
(c) Letting his dinner get cold.
(d) Looking out of the window.

4. Where did Cincinnatus grow up?
(a) In an orphanage.
(b) In a convent.
(c) Homeless on the streets.
(d) In a foster home.

5. What job does Cincinnatus take on in his twenties?
(a) Cake baker.
(b) Kindergarten teacher.
(c) Window washer.
(d) Factory manager.

6. Where does Pierre say he is from?
(a) Upper Hampshire.
(b) Upper Elderbury.
(c) Upper Didderdown.
(d) Upper Kinderton.

7. What does Diomedon's right leg resemble?
(a) A rifle.
(b) A bottle.
(c) A fishing pole.
(d) A tree.

8. What is M'sieur Pierre's attitude when he is led into Cincinnatus' cell?
(a) Raucous and loud.
(b) Flustered and confused.
(c) Calm and composed.
(d) Angry and irritable.

9. What does Cincinnatus do to try and look out the window?
(a) He climbs up the wall.
(b) He stands on a table.
(c) He crawls through a tunnel.
(d) He jumps up in the air.

10. What does Cincinnatus look at in the library catalog?
(a) A child's drawings.
(b) A photograph of himself.
(c) A map of the town.
(d) A note from the librarian.

11. How does Marthe leave her first visit with Cincinnatus?
(a) She runs out crying.
(b) She is carried out on a couch.
(c) She walks out laughing.
(d) She waves goodbye and seems to vanish.

12. What possible consequence of Roman's sickness does the director mention?
(a) Roman may not make it to the execution.
(b) Roman will not be able to deliver a complaint for Cincinnatus.
(c) Cincinnatus will need a new attorney.
(d) Cincinnatus will need to represent himself.

13. What crime does Pierre say he was accused of?
(a) Trying to help Cincinnatus escape.
(b) Trying to steal a public statue.
(c) Arguing against the trial system.
(d) Breaking into his wife's bedroom.

14. After Emmie leaves his cell, what does Cincinnatus start philosophizing about in his pile of books?
(a) A large hardcover volume missing the rest of the set.
(b) An old magazine.
(c) A small pamphlet.
(d) A collection of newspaper clippings.

15. What is the director doing when Rodion brings Cincinnatus back to his cell from the new prisoner's cell?
(a) Bringing the new prisoner a five-course meal.
(b) Painting the new prisoner's door with red paint.
(c) Whistling and dancing around the hallway.
(d) Looking through the peephole in the new prisoner's door.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Cincinnatus start to go for a walk?

2. How does Cincinnatus feel about his wife?

3. What does Pierre tell Cincinnatus that they will do together?

4. What irrelevant detail does the letter mention?

5. What does Cincinnatus have to eat when Emmie comes into his cell?

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