Invitation to a Beheading Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. Describe the inside of the prison.

The inside of the prison is extensive and like a castle. It is filled with hallways and towers. The prison is large but it is also completely empty, except for Cincinnatus, the only prisoner.

2. What reason does Cincinnatus give for needing to know the schedule for his execution?

Cincinnatus insists on knowing the time of his execution because he feels that he cannot start anything. He is worried that he would not have time to finish what he has started before he is executed.

3. After the director reads his formal speech to Cincinnatus, where does Cincinnatus go?

Instead of leaving Cincinnatus's cell, the director dismisses Cincinnatus. Cincinnatus walks out of the cell, through the tower, out onto the road, down the mountain, and all the way to his house. He opens the door and goes inside but he finds himself back in his cell.

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