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Cincinnatus's Cell

Draw a diagram of Cincinnatus's cell, labeling important elements. Fill in the cell walls with graffiti from other prisoners that has been painted over through the years.

Poster of Tamara Gardens

Create a poster representing Tamara Gardens, using drawings, words, and images from magazines or the Internet. Write a brief explanation of the important elements in your poster and how they relate to the novel.

The Spider's Perspective

Rewrite a scene from Invitation to a Beheading from the point of view of the spider in Cincinnatus' cell.

Execution Commentary

Write dialogue in the style of sports commentators, for the commentators presenting Cincinnatus' execution on television or radio.

A Story from Cincinnatus's Childhood

In his writings, Cincinnatus tells one story from his childhood that shows how different he was from other people. Write your own story from Cincinnatus's childhood, giving another example of his "crime."

Book Jacket for Cincinnatus's Writings

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