Invitation to a Beheading Character Descriptions

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Cincinnatus C.

This character is a prisoner sentenced to death, whose crime is not an action but instead a condition of the prisoner's being. The prisoner is introverted, focusing constantly on some internalized idea of the soul, heaven, and humanity. Everything surrounding the prisoner in the world seems false and illusory. Without realizing, the prisoner has power over the world. As if existing in a dream, the prisoner mentally controls the illusions that surround him. As a child, the prisoner walks out of a window and hangs in the air, defying gravity. The prisoner's hopes and fears seem to actualize into events. While the prisoner lies on the chopping block with the ax raised, the prisoner is overcome with realization and rises up from the appointed place. The world begins dissolving to nothing. The prisoner can only be destroyed by persecutors with the prisoner's own assent and in...

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