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Chapter One

• Cincinnatus is put into the towering and isolated prison awaiting his execution. He is unable to find out when it is to be.
• Cincinnatus's experience of the jail is unreal and at one point, he walks out of the prison all the way to his house, only to find himself back in his cell.

Chapter Two

• Cincinnatus is an orphan, the abandoned son of Cecilia C. and a stranger, and has been unlike other people all his life.
• Cincinnatus is married to Marthe, whose constant unfaithfulness led him to let his guard down and be arrested for being different from everyone else.

Chapter Three

• Cincinnatus meets with his lawyer Roman Vissarionovich, who will not tell him when the execution is scheduled for.
• The prison director, Rodrig Ivanovich, tells CIncinnatus that another prisoner is coming to the prison. Rodrig and Roman take Cincinnatus up to the roof...

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