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Short Answer Questions

1. How does Brandy get her sixteen-inch waist?

2. What is Shannon's tentative plan for killing Brandy?

3. Where does Shane and Shannon's father take them with his pickup truck in the middle of the night?

4. What is the second item Shannon takes out of her stocking?

5. Where has Manus's mother moved?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why does Brandy decide to become a woman?

2. Where does Shannon go after burning the house down with Manus in tow?

3. What procedure does Brandy encourage Shannon to undergo?

4. What does Shannon say in her letter to Evie?

5. What is Seth Thomas's true identity?

6. Though he has broken into the house with a knife, what does Manus try to tell Shannon?

7. How does Evie feel about her womanhood thus far?

8. What do Shannon's parents buy her for Christmas?

9. From whom did Shane (Brandy) get the throat infection that leads him to be kicked out of the house?

10. Why does Shane leave home in the first place?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

The author makes use of juxtapositions in the text. Examine the photo shoots that Shannon recounts. How is juxtaposition used? What are the locations of the shoots? What do the models have to wear? What other literary elements can be detected in these scenes? How does the author's use of description contribute to the overall effect?

Essay Topic 2

Explore Shannon's observations of the television monitor on her infomercial. Upon review of the infomercial, what does she notice? Are people looking at the models? Why or why not? How does the television monitor affect people and why does Shannon find this effect disturbing? How does the television monitor fit in to the other themes in the novel?

Essay Topic 3

The novel makes use of different stereotypes are archetypes for some of the characters such as the model, the drag queen, and even the Texas oil princess. Choose three stereotypes and unpack their roles in the novel. To which characters do these stereotypes apply? Do they apply to multiple characters? How does the use of stereotypes contribute to the central theme of the novel? Do the stereotyped characters undergo any changes or are they static, remaining the same from start to finish?

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