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Short Answer Questions

1. Who taught Brandy and Shannon how to steal drugs?

2. What has Shannon's mother purchased so she can "practice?"

3. Who does Shannon know she will love forever?

4. What other gifts has Shannon gotten in her stocking?

5. Why does Shannon shoot herself?

Short Essay Questions

1. Though he has broken into the house with a knife, what does Manus try to tell Shannon?

2. What does Shannon leave for the unconscious Brandy?

3. How does Shannon try to kill Brandy?

4. What is the truth about both Shane's and Shannon's accidents?

5. What surrounds Manus in the trunk of his car?

6. How does Shannon describe the scene when she discovers Seth breaking into Evie's house?

7. How does Shannon first meet Brandy?

8. Where does Shannon go after burning the house down with Manus in tow?

9. If she cannot be beautiful, what does Shannon say she wants to be?

10. Why does Manus's career as a police officer end?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Shannon and Brandy's parents are strange people. How do they treat Shannon and Brandy as children? How do Shannon and Brandy remember their childhood? Why are their parents so obsessed with Shane after his death? How does their behavior alienate Shannon? Are their parents an examples of how we are all products of products of products? Why or why not?

Essay Topic 2

Brandy is inspired by Miss Rona's idea of ripping yourself open and sewing yourself shut. What exactly does Miss Rona say needs to be done? Why is Brandy inspired by her ordeal? How has Miss Rona's ordeal been reflected in Brandy? How has it reflectedd in Shannon or Evie? Has Miss Rona escaped the societal trap of sameness?

Essay Topic 3

In the novel, each character goes through a transformation. Go through each major character one by one and explains their journey and ultimate conclusion. Be sure to use specifics from the text.

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