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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Manus's occupation?
(a) He is a photographer.
(b) He is a male model for Vogue.
(c) He is a police detective in Vice.
(d) He is a history teacher in a high school.

2. What autobiography has Brandy become obsessed with?
(a) The Lady DuVall.
(b) The Life and Times of Abraham Lincoln.
(c) Miss Rona.
(d) Queen Elizabeth I.

3. What aspect of Shannon's life is Brandy constantly changing?
(a) Shannon's favorite book.
(b) Shannon's identity.
(c) Shannon's hair style.
(d) Shannon's handwriting.

4. What book do Shannon and Brandy use when searching for drugs?
(a) Prescription Pills for Dummies.
(b) The Merriam-Webster Medical Thesaurus.
(c) The Physicians' Desk Reference.
(d) The Oxford Dictionary of medical terms.

5. What dance does Shannon want to do in the glass elevator?
(a) The frug.
(b) The cha-cha.
(c) The minuet.
(d) The macarena.

6. What is the print of Shannon's knock-off dress?
(a) It is a floral print.
(b) It is a print of New York City.
(c) It is a print of the Shroud of Turin.
(d) It is a print of the great pyramids.

7. What item does the policeman at the border want to see?
(a) He wants to see their drivers licenses.
(b) He wants to see their social security cards.
(c) He wants to see their credit card receipts.
(d) He wants to see their passports.

8. What does the policeman think happened to the remains of Shannon's face?
(a) He thinks the force of the gunshot scattered everything.
(b) He thinks the wind must have blown the remains away.
(c) He thinks a bird must have gotten into the car and carried it away.
(d) He thinks the rain must have washed everything away.

9. What words do Shannon feel are the most worn-out words in any script?
(a) What do you mean?
(b) Tell me the truth.
(c) I love you.
(d) I don't understand.

10. What is the cap for Shannon's health insurance?
(a) Twenty thousand dollars.
(b) Ten million dollars.
(c) Five thousand dollars.
(d) Two million dollars.

11. What name does the little boy in the store call Shannon?
(a) He calls her a freak.
(b) He calls her a monster.
(c) He calls her Frankenstein.
(d) He calls her an angel.

12. How does Brandy introduce herself at the open house?
(a) She introduces herself as President Brandy Alexander.
(b) She introduces herself at the Princess Brandy Alexander.
(c) She introduces herself as Queen Brandy Alexander.
(d) She introduces herself as the Lady Brandy Alexander.

13. Whom does Brandy claim to be when trying to cross the border?
(a) She claims to be a famous movie star.
(b) She claims to be a star surgeon at a Seattle hospital.
(c) She claims to be the Princess Brandy Alexander.
(d) She claims to be the wife of a Reverend on the Christian Healing Network.

14. Where does Shannon go when her bandages come off?
(a) She goes to the grocery store.
(b) She goes to the DMV.
(c) She goes to the swimming pool.
(d) She goes to the shopping mall.

15. What does Brandy's father feed his pigs?
(a) He feeds them expired snack foods.
(b) He feeds them byproduct.
(c) He feeds them protein bars.
(d) He feeds them strictly vegetables.

Short Answer Questions

1. What sound does Shannon hear from downstairs?

2. What is the scene setting in the beginning of Chapter One?

3. What year is Miss Rona's autobiography copyrighted?

4. What does the narrator (Shannon McFarland) feel is responsible for Evie Cottrell's appearance?

5. What does Brandy think is the most boring thing in the entire world?

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