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Compare and Contrast

Chuck Palahniuk has a distinct and visceral style of writing. Choose another book that he has written and read it. Take notes on similarities and differences between the two novels. Write a paper explaining your findings and a brief presentation to the class.

Create your own Informerical

Shannon gives detailed descriptions of the infomercial that she shoots with Evie and Manus shoot. Create your own product and informercial. You may actually shoot the infomercial using a camera or simply do a scene for the class. Present a paper to the teacher specifying how you modeled the informercial after the one in the novel.

Research Modeling School

How difficult is it to attend modeling school? Research different programs in your area. Create an admissions packet to be presented to the class.

Make a Model

Brandy, Shannon, and Manus visit multiple houses in the novel, mostly huge...

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