Invisible Monsters Character Descriptions

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Shannon McFarland - A former model and the novel's narrator, this character has lost her jaw and her direction in life.

Shane McFarland/Brandy Alexander - When he is fifteen, he is burned on the face when a can of hairspray explodes in the trash that he is burning.

Evie Cottrell - She is a dramatic person who likes to put her life out where people can see it. This character lives alone in a huge house.

Manus Kelley - This is Shannon's former fiancé and a detective in the Vice department.

Sister Katherine - This is one of the nurses at the hospital who takes care of Shannon.

The Rhea Sisters - These are transvestites who have made a fortune from selling a talking doll and from their entertainment act.

Mr. and Mrs. McFarland - These individuals become obsessed with their supposedly dead son at the...

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