Invisible Monsters Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

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Chapters 1-2

• Shannon has just witnessed Evie Cottrell shoot Brandy Alexander in the chest.

• The house is on fire and Evie's dress has almost completely burned off.

• Brandy asks Shannon to tell her the story of her life before she dies.
• Shannon reflects back on her family and a video of she and her brother as children.

• She remembers her brother who died of AIDS.
• Shannon remembers stealing drugs from an open house in Vancouver.

• Brandy routinely creates new names and backgrounds for her companions.

• The realtor believes Brandy's story and thinks she is a princess.
• Brandy and Shannon search for painkillers and artificial hormones.

• Brandy needs the hormones to prepare for her sexual reassignment surgery.

• Shannon feeds Brandy an overdose of painkillers.

Chapter 3

• Shannon is missing her lower jaw from an accident on the highway.

• Someone shoots through her car window and her jaw is disconnected from...

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