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Short Answer Questions

1. Who is the overachieving doctor, one who is actually hooked on climbing for its real challenges?

2. What is the name for the silk scarf that the Buddhist lama ties around the necks of the climbers before their ascent?

3. What is the name of Rob Hall's climbing organization that leads climbers up to the summit of Mount Everest?

4. What is Andy Harris' wife's name, as Krakauer finds out from hiking with him?

5. Where is Hall's group first flying to by helicopter before they begin their climb up the mountain?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Krakauer help Ang Dorje with when they are back at Camp One?

2. Why does Fischer have to descend to help one of his clients, instead of one of the guides?

3. Why do the climbers have to return to Camp Two as they are making their way up to Camp Three?

4. Describe Andy Harris and what Krakauer learns about him as they hike.

5. What are some examples of Krakauer's potential feelings of snobbery towards Mount Everest?

6. Why does Sir Edmund Hillary criticize Rob Hall and similar Everest guides?

7. Why do Krakauer and Hansen have troubles getting out of their sleeping bags in the morning?

8. Describe the character of Pete Shoening.

9. What does Krakauer notice in the snow as they are climbing up to Camp Two?

10. Which two people are in the picture Krakauer takes when he gets to the summit?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

There are female and male hikers up on Mount Everest, of all ages and abilities. That said, it seems the mix of hikers may also have contributed to some of the problems.

Part 1: List the female hikers that are described in the story by Krakauer.

Part 2: What are some of the ways the female hikers may have hurt their group's progress?

Part 3: What are some of the ways the male hikers may have hurt their group's progress?

Essay Topic 2

There are a number of possible heroes in this story as the events unfold. Some people go above and beyond their duties and responsibilities to help others, while others simply fend for themselves.

Part 1: What is the definition of a hero?

Part 2: Who might be considered heroes in this story? Why?

Part 3: Which characters seem to have been unwilling to help others? Perhaps even selfish? Why do they seem this way?

Essay Topic 3

John Krakauer is the author of this book and a skilled hiker, though not with higher elevations. This is actually the case with many of the members of his team.

Part 1: Describe Krakauer's feelings about the inexperience of his team at the beginning of the story.

Part 2: What does Krakauer think of the hikers as the climbing continues? Does he feel more confident or less confident?

Part 3: Does this seem like a team that should have been going up Mount Everest? Why or why not?

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