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Short Answer Questions

1. From whom does Rob Hall attract criticism?

2. Who does Fischer actually depend on for financial support for his climbing?

3. Who is the Surveyor General of India that names the peak Mount Everest?

4. Where does Krakauer plan to go for more oxygen?

5. Where does Krakauer land when he arrives in Nepal?

Short Essay Questions

1. What phrase does Krakauer use to describe the people on the trip with him right now?

2. Why does Doug Hansen stay behind while the rest of the climbers head up to Camp Three?

3. After whom was Mount Everest named after?

4. Why do the climbers have to return to Camp Two as they are making their way up to Camp Three?

5. What do the Sherpas do in preparation for the climbers to begin the eventual ascent to the summit?

6. How is the influence of Western culture seen in the village of Namche?

7. Why does Fischer have to descend to help one of his clients, instead of one of the guides?

8. What does Krakauer realize about his breathing when they reach Base Camp again before starting their second acclimatization climb?

9. Who does Krakauer idolize from his own town, as related to his own hiking love?

10. How experienced are the climbers in Hall's group?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Giving into death must seem the easier route when you're stuck up on a mountain, waiting for someone to rescue you.

Part 1: Which hikers were stranded on the mountain while they waited for help?

Part 2: In what ways did they try to survive and to live through the night?

Part 3: What are some other ways hikers might have been able to keep themselves moving and motivated to live?

Essay Topic 2

The idea of competition among the teams seems to also affect the outcome of the climb to the summit. Some feel it's a race rather than an achievement for themselves.

Part 1: What teams seem to be in competition during this story?

Part 2: Does the idea of competition seem to help the hikers or hurt them? Why? In what ways?

Part 3: How might competition have been avoided among the teams? Could it have been avoided? Why or why not?

Essay Topic 3

With the teams, there seems to be trouble brewing between some of the guides and the leaders. This is thought to be another contributing factor to the tragic events.

Part 1: How did Anatoli's absence affect Fischer's team?

Part 2: In what ways did other guides affect their teams? For example, what might Beidleman have done better to help his team?

Part 3: What is crucial in the formation of a team like this? What would have been the ideal situations for the leaders and the guides?

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