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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who radios in that he is very tired when he is at the summit, then complains about how he doesn't feel well?
(a) Rob Hall
(b) Lopsang
(c) Doug Hansen
(d) Scott Fischer

2. What does Lopsang give to Fischer to help him feel better?
(a) Water
(b) Injection
(c) Tea
(d) Medicine

3. What is obscuring the actual peak for the team climbing in #151, making it look much closer than it actually is?
(a) A ridge
(b) Shadows
(c) Snowfall
(d) Heavy clouds

4. Who gives the injured person in #137 his spare canister of oxygen?
(a) John Krakauer
(b) Lopsang
(c) Neil Beidleman
(d) Anatoli Bourkeev

5. Who was supposed to have set up lines along the pathway up to the summit?
(a) Sherpas from each team
(b) Hall and Fischer
(c) Mike Groom
(d) Anatoli Bourkeev

Short Answer Questions

1. Scott Fischer and who else are the last climbers to come up Hillary Step?

2. Which climber is found to be still breathing, but very near death. much to the surprise of everyone?

3. Who finally goes on to attach the lines that are necessary to allow the climbers up the mountain?

4. Who insists the team should not leave the camp while Hall is still up on the mountain?

5. What does Krakauer want to avoid by moving quickly up the face on the one rope?

Short Essay Questions

1. What risks go up as the oxygen in Krakauer's tank begins to decrease?

2. What does Krakauer realize about the hiker he thought to be Harris?

3. Why does Krakauer move quickly on his way up to Camp Three?

4. When Hall doesn't tell his group when they will be turning back when they reach the summit, what does Krakauer interpret this to mean?

5. What does Groom say about the tanks of oxygen at the South Summit, even though Harris was mistaken about this fact?

6. What does Hutchison tell Krakauer which surprises him?

7. Which route did the Indian team take in order to reach the summit?

8. What items was Krakauer going to take out of his pack when he got to the summit, although he decides not to once he is there?

9. What does David Brashears note about the team Beidleman has taken into Camp Three?

10. What has happened to Weathers, according to Hutchison's discovery?

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