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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Which climber is openly scorned and hounded by journalists?
(a) Scott Fischer
(b) Lopsang
(c) Sandy Pittman
(d) John Krakauer

2. Who almost falls off the side of the rock face because he tries to climb before the ropes are secured?
(a) Namba
(b) John Krakauer
(c) Scott Fischer
(d) Doug Hansen

3. Where did the team wait until the lines were put into place?
(a) Camp Three
(b) South Col
(c) Icefall
(d) Balcony

4. Who finally goes on to attach the lines that are necessary to allow the climbers up the mountain?
(a) Andy Harris
(b) Neil Beidleman
(c) Beck Weathers
(d) Rob Hall

5. What does Hutchison ask Krakauer to check because it does not feel right?
(a) Pack
(b) Climbing harness
(c) Coat
(d) Oxygen tank

Short Answer Questions

1. Who is concerned that neither Fischer nor any of his other clients have reached the top at this point?

2. Who blames himself for bringing bad luck to Fischer?

3. What does Lopsang give to Fischer to help him feel better?

4. What is Krakauer handed when he arrives in Base Camp, causing him to sit down and realize just what he has been through?

5. Which leader of the South African group does not appear to be doing well?

Short Essay Questions

1. What are the physical effects of Weathers' miraculous rescue and recovery from Everest?

2. Why does Pittman fall to the ground as they are approaching the summit?

3. What does Gau do in violation of his promise?

4. When Hall doesn't tell his group when they will be turning back when they reach the summit, what does Krakauer interpret this to mean?

5. What has happened to Weathers, according to Hutchison's discovery?

6. Which route did the Indian team take in order to reach the summit?

7. What do the Japanese climbers do when they find the bodies of the Indian climbers?

8. What risks go up as the oxygen in Krakauer's tank begins to decrease?

9. What is the eventual fate of Anatoli Bourkeev?

10. What does Hutchison tell Krakauer which surprises him?

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