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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Krakauer says deepens when he hears that an inexperienced climber makes it to the top of Everest?
(a) Pride
(b) Snobbery
(c) Desire
(d) Willingness

2. Who is the person on Fischer's team who is a legend in Himalayan climbing?
(a) William Wilson
(b) Neil Beidleman
(c) Anatoli Bourkeev
(d) Schoening

3. From what country is the answer to #27?
(a) Kahzakstan
(b) India
(c) New Zealand
(d) United States

4. Who seems to act like a sort of mayor in the 'town' of Base Camp?
(a) John Krakauer
(b) Scott Fischer
(c) Andy Harris
(d) Rob Hall

5. Where is Hall's group first flying to by helicopter before they begin their climb up the mountain?
(a) Katmandu
(b) Nepal
(c) Lukla
(d) Tukha

6. Hall says, "I think it's pretty unlikely that we'll get through this season without something ______ happening up high."
(a) Good
(b) Bad
(c) Miraculous
(d) Disastraous

7. Who meets Krakauer at the airport when he lands in India for his climbing journey?
(a) Scott Fischer
(b) Rob Hall
(c) Anatoli Bourkeev
(d) Andy Harris

8. Who is the leader of Krakauer's group with which he is climbing in order to write a story for Outside Magazine?
(a) Andy Harris
(b) Rob Hall
(c) Scott Fischer
(d) Anatoli Bourkeev

9. What did Bourkeev do that necessitated that Fischer descend to help a client?
(a) Got ill
(b) Sleep in
(c) Ignored instructions
(d) Climbed ahead of the group

10. Who is the Surveyor General of India that names the peak Mount Everest?
(a) Sir Edward Willings
(b) Sir Edmund Hillary
(c) Sir Phineas Fogg
(d) Sir Andrew Waugh

11. Where is the team supposed to climb to on this particular day in the novel?
(a) Camp Three
(b) Base Camp
(c) Camp One
(d) Summit

12. What is Harris' wife's occupation?
(a) Writer
(b) Veterinarian
(c) Physician
(d) Novelist

13. What is the name of Scott Fischer's climbing organization?
(a) Mountain Madness
(b) Mountain Explorers
(c) Adventure Galore
(d) Adventure Consultants

14. What are the jobs Krakauer takes up in order to finance his climbing hobby?
(a) Surveying and geocaching
(b) Fishing and sailing
(c) Fishing and carpentry
(d) Carpentry and writing

15. What does Krakauer notice in the sky after taking pictures? This is something that he had not noticed before.
(a) Lightning
(b) Rain patterns
(c) Sunset
(d) Cloud formation

Short Answer Questions

1. Who carries most of the gear for the climbers as they continue their hike up the mountain?

2. Krakauer considers himself to be _____ to think he has what it takes to climb Everest.

3. What is the final destination of the first hike of the climbers in Rob Hall's group?

4. Hall says it's actually easy to get up the mountain, "The trick is get down _________."

5. Who is coming down the mountain after traveling from sea level to the top of Everest?

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