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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Krakauer develop as he is descending Icefall?
(a) Stiff legs
(b) Headache
(c) Blindness in one eye
(d) Stomachache

2. Fischer is from _________.
(a) Spokane
(b) Portland
(c) Boston
(d) Seattle

3. Sherpas that have reached the summit are highly _________ in the community in which they live.
(a) Paid
(b) Feared
(c) Mocked
(d) Respected

4. What is the name of the highest camp on Mount Everest?
(a) Camp Two
(b) Camp Four
(c) Camp Five
(d) Camp Three

5. Who does Krakauer help when they reach Camp One?
(a) Ang Dorje
(b) Rob Hall
(c) Roubleman
(d) Ang Roshula

6. Who is described as being from New Zealand, having a full beard, and being gregarious and funny?
(a) Doug Hansen
(b) Rob Hall
(c) Anatoli Bourkeev
(d) Andy Harris

7. How might the conditions at Lobuje be described?
(a) Empty
(b) Clean
(c) Efficient
(d) Dirty

8. What role is Krakauer becoming less comfortable in, as the climbers in his group have not been told of the actual reason for his presence?
(a) Employee of the company
(b) Expert climber
(c) Journalist
(d) A guide

9. Krakauer sees a dead body wrapped in a ______________ as they are climbing their second acclimatization climb.
(a) Silver wrap
(b) White sheet
(c) Red sheet
(d) Blue sheet

10. In 1852, who takes a complete survey of India in order to find out more about this land that is their colony now?
(a) Australia
(b) Britain
(c) India
(d) China

11. Who does Krakauer see climbing up to the summit and who appears as looking beat?
(a) Doug Hansen
(b) Andy Harris
(c) Scott Fischer
(d) Rob Hall

12. Harris and his wife helped run a clinic at __________ which is on the way to Base Camp.
(a) Mache
(b) Lulka
(c) Pheriche
(d) Lobogi

13. Who are the main guides of Nepal that help the climbers with their goals of reaching the summit?
(a) Sholas
(b) Saldas
(c) Sherpos
(d) Sherpas

14. Who sneaks into Tibet and makes it up to 21,000 feet where he finds a cache of supplies, but dies anyway?
(a) Tenzing
(b) Corgay
(c) Wilson
(d) Rufussion

15. What was the nationality of the two climbers who are thought to have reached the summit first, although they never returned to camp?
(a) French
(b) Indian
(c) German
(d) British

Short Answer Questions

1. Who is suspected to have frostbite and a frozen larynx?

2. Who is Krakauer impressed with in his group because he keeps up a steady pace?

3. What was Mount Everest's first official name?

4. Who gives a call to Groom, telling him to call off the climb?

5. How many times has Fischer climbed Mount Everest?

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