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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Phakding: March 31, 1996 - 9,186 Feet.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Krakauer notice about the Sherpas' culture when they arrive in Namche?
(a) How old they are
(b) American clothing and movies
(c) How many there are
(d) How disrespectful they are

2. From what country is the answer to #27?
(a) United States
(b) India
(c) Kahzakstan
(d) New Zealand

3. Who meets Krakauer at the airport when he lands in India for his climbing journey?
(a) Anatoli Bourkeev
(b) Andy Harris
(c) Scott Fischer
(d) Rob Hall

4. Where is Hall's group first flying to by helicopter before they begin their climb up the mountain?
(a) Tukha
(b) Nepal
(c) Lukla
(d) Katmandu

5. Who are the main guides of Nepal that help the climbers with their goals of reaching the summit?
(a) Sherpas
(b) Sholas
(c) Sherpos
(d) Saldas

Short Answer Questions

1. What was Mount Everest's first official name?

2. Who does Krakauer ask to turn down his oxygen tank because he wants to conserve his oxygen as he waits for other climbers?

3. Sherpas that have reached the summit are highly _________ in the community in which they live.

4. Where does Krakauer land when he arrives in Nepal?

5. Who is the leader of Krakauer's group with which he is climbing in order to write a story for Outside Magazine?

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