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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Camp One: April 13, 1996 - 19,500 Feet.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Hall only makes his climbers hike a few miles a day because of the _______________.
(a) Thin air
(b) Heat
(c) Rough terrain
(d) Bad weather

2. Who carries most of the gear for the climbers as they continue their hike up the mountain?
(a) Doug Hansen
(b) Sherpas
(c) Rob Hall
(d) John Krakauer

3. What is Andy Harris' wife's name, as Krakauer finds out from hiking with him?
(a) Lola Harris
(b) Maddie Lane
(c) Mary Richardson
(d) Fiona Stevenson

4. From what country is the man who is trying to ascent to the summit on his own?
(a) France
(b) Germany
(c) Sweden
(d) Norway

5. Hall says, "I think it's pretty unlikely that we'll get through this season without something ______ happening up high."
(a) Good
(b) Bad
(c) Disastraous
(d) Miraculous

Short Answer Questions

1. What did Willi Unsoeld, a man from Krakauer's hometown, do that inspired Krakauer to climb?

2. Who is the person on Fischer's team who is a legend in Himalayan climbing?

3. Sherpas make up ______ of all deaths on Mount Everest, according to Krakauer.

4. What does Krakauer notice about the Sherpas' culture when they arrive in Namche?

5. Who does Fischer actually depend on for financial support for his climbing?

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