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Mt. Everest

At 29,028 feet, this is the highest mountain on the face of the earth. Ever since it was identified as the highest peak in the world in the 19th Century, people have imagined climbing it. It is not until 1953 that anyone is successful, however, when it is scaled by Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay.


This is a small Nepalese village where the climbers spend their first night together.


This is the last village where the group stays before moving on to the Base Camp. This village is overcrowded with climbers and extremely filthy as a result.

Everest Base Camp

This location is the main headquarters for the various expeditions ascending the summit. Hall's and Fischer's companies maintain staff here including doctors and Sherpas to help their clients.

Camp One

This place is the first camp on the route to the summit, located at about 19,000 feet...

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