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Plan Your Trip Up Everest - How Much Will It Cost?

Have students make out a trip plan for them to hike up Everest. They need to research airline tickets, group tour tickets, etc. to see how much this adventure of a lifetime will cost.

Into Thin Air

Have the class watch the movie "Into Thin Air" to see how it syncs up to the book and where it deviates from the true events. What do the students think of the movie?

Finding Groups That Lead Hikers Up the Mountain

If you were interested in hiking Everest, what groups (like Mountain Madness, for example) are available? How much do they cost? What do they include?

Packing for Everest

What kinds of things would someone need to bring with him/her on his/her trip up the mountain? How much would all of this weigh? Have students look to...

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