Into Thin Air Character Descriptions

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Jon Krakauer

This character is an avid climber and a journalist, and is accompanying the expedition on assignment from Outside Magazine to write about the growing business of commercial climbing. He lives in Seattle with his wife. He is 41 at the time of the climb.

Rob Hall

This character is the leader of Adventure Consultants, the commercial guiding service that the author signs up with to scale Everest. 35 at the time of the climb, he is a friendly New Zealander. He is thin and very tall.

Andy Harris

This character is one of the guides on the expedition. He dies high on the mountain, apparently in an attempt to take emergency oxygen to others.

Ang Dorje Sherpa

This person is the lead climbing Sherpa on Hall's Adventure Consultant's team.

Yasuko Namba

This person is a Japanese executive and avid climber. She does reach the summit of Everest, but...

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