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Short Answer Questions

1. While dreams are unreal, the ________ that occur in the dream are real.

2. To begin, Freud must question the way the dream is ____________.

3. What leads to a deeper study of dream problems?

4. Freud's method of dream collection provided him with the material needed to interpret dreams as _________ of waking reality

5. The dream is a significant ___________ tool.

Short Essay Questions

1. What is Freud's overall objective in the interpretation of dreams?

2. Where did Freud say that he discovered the wish fulfillment dream?

3. Whose dream theory does Freud not challenge?

4. What is another way Freud describes the symbols found in dreams?

5. What are some alternative causes of dreams as indicated by Freud?

6. Freud says that a scene or wish in the unconscious progresses toward the pre-conscious. What happens then?

7. What are the physical sources of dreams according to Freud?

8. What is the wrong way to interpret symbols in dreams?

9. What does Freud say about the human regard for dreams?

10. After Freud defines the act of dreaming, what does he include in this section?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Freud states that childhood memories may not be 'available' during our waking hours. Why would these memories not be available? Do you agree with Freud? Why or why not? What does Freud think the value of childhood memories is? How can the past be connected to the present? Why is the childhood such an important part of the dream interpretation process?

Essay Topic 2

Freud discusses the ideas of condensation, displacement and representation. Define each of these terms as Freud uses them and give examples of each. Which of these ideas do you agree with most in terms of dream interpretation? Why? With which of these terms do you not agree? Why?

Essay Topic 3

Freud creates a list of symbols that could be used to find sexually latent content in dreams. What are some of the symbols he shares and their meanings? Do you agree with his findings? What other symbols do you feel could be used to extrapolate a sexual meaning? What does the focus on sex seem to say abut Freud?

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