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Short Answer Questions

1. What is the "_________________" manner of expressing wishes?

2. What is another form of the childhood memory?

3. Whose dream theories does Freud agree with in this section?

4. Dreams of ________ are used as primary examples of the need for individual dream interpretation.

5. Freud notes his approach is more difficult than the _________ method.

Short Essay Questions

1. What is the concern about the disguise of the dream?

2. What does Freud say is difficult about using dream examples?

3. What does Freud believe is quote foolish to do?

4. What does Freud have to say about other dream theories?

5. What is one of the things that Freud says can threaten careful dream study?

6. Dreams play no part in the creation of what?

7. For what does Freud say a dream is significant?

8. What is another way Freud describes the symbols found in dreams?

9. In what kind of images does the waking brain think?

10. Instead of the dream turning a waking idea into a dreaming hallucination, what happens?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Freud notes that death dreams are actually wish fulfillment dreams. How does Freud explain this idea? Do you agree with this idea? Why or why not? What are some other interpretations that could be given for death dreams? Using Freud's ideas and theories, what would a dream about birth then mean? Would it have the opposite interpretation or the same one?

Essay Topic 2

The idea of the censor in our lives is brought up by Freud. What does Freud mean by a this? What are some examples of ways that the censor gets in the way of a person? What ways can we avoid the censor? Is a censor a good or a bad thing? Or both? Why? What are some real life examples you can give of censors in your own life?

Essay Topic 3

The forgetting of dreams is a big topic of debate for Freud as he seems to believe it is not that dreams cannot be remembered, but that a patient's view of dreams is what stands in the way of his memory. What evidence does Freud offer to support this theory? Does he ever seem to contradict himself in this idea? What other reasons does Freud give for the forgetting of dreams? What do you personally believe makes one forget about dreams?

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