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Short Answer Questions

1. Freud questions whether wish fulfillment is a typical __________ of dreams.

2. Dreams and wishes yet to be _________ can turn up as wish fulfillment dreams that begin in childhood and continue into adulthood.

3. The scientific world is left without _______ for dream interpretation because of the idea that dreams are illogical and invaluable.

4. Freud ends the section with proverbs about what __________ dream of.

5. Freud's method allows for interpretation of individual dreams as they apply to __________ dreamers.

Short Essay Questions

1. Freud says that a scene or wish in the unconscious progresses toward the pre-conscious. What happens then?

2. What are some alternative causes of dreams as indicated by Freud?

3. The transformation of unconscious thoughts does not imply what, according to Freud?

4. What is another way Freud describes the symbols found in dreams?

5. What other question does Freud propose other dream analysts ask?

6. What does Freud say should happen after a great discovery?

7. What are some sources of memories that can arise in dreams?

8. Freud says that dream interpretation can be problematic because it should not be based on what?

9. What is one of the things that Freud says can threaten careful dream study?

10. What might dreams appear to not have, according to Strumpell?

Essay Topics

Essay Topic 1

The forgetting of dreams is a big topic of debate for Freud as he seems to believe it is not that dreams cannot be remembered, but that a patient's view of dreams is what stands in the way of his memory. What evidence does Freud offer to support this theory? Does he ever seem to contradict himself in this idea? What other reasons does Freud give for the forgetting of dreams? What do you personally believe makes one forget about dreams?

Essay Topic 2

Wish fulfillment is another term Freud brings up and discusses at length. Define this term and create a description of a dream in which this process is taking place. What does this mean for the dreamer? What are some examples of wish fulfillment dreams as stated in the book? Does this dream concept make sense to you? Why or why not?

Essay Topic 3

Freud believes that the interpretation of dreams can yield powerful results for patients. Why does he believe this? How does Freud think dream interpretation will help patients? Do you agree with him? Why or why not? Give three examples of ways dreams could help patients.

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