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Short Answer Questions

1. What is the "_________________" manner of expressing wishes?

2. Freud must "_________" that dream content has actual meaning.

3. Freud quotes _________ in this section.

4. Included in the importance of forgetting dream matter is how __________________ a dream is.

5. What are also included in dream memory?

Short Essay Questions

1. What is one of the things that Freud says can threaten careful dream study?

2. What is the first issue Freud addresses regarding the dream as wish fulfillment?

3. What does Freud have to say about other dream theories?

4. Why is the scientific world left without proper methods for interpreting dreams?

5. To what does Freud liken the act of dreaming?

6. What is Freud's overall objective in the interpretation of dreams?

7. What other things (besides the answer to #1) does Freud say he will discuss in the course of the book?

8. For what does Freud say a dream is significant?

9. Freud says that a scene or wish in the unconscious progresses toward the pre-conscious. What happens then?

10. To lay the groundwork for a discussion of more characteristics of dream distortion, what does Freud discuss?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Symbols are a big part of dream interpretation. Using one dream in Freud's book, list all of the symbols you can find. Then, create your own interpretations of each of these symbols. Knowing these interpretations, what can you ascertain about the meaning of the dream you have chosen? Without these symbols, what would you have interpreted the dream to mean?

Essay Topic 2

Freud concedes at one point that there are limitations to symbolic dream interpretation. Why does he feel this way? What are some of the limitations that you see to symbolic dream interpretation? What can these limitations cause? How can these limitations be overcome? Can they? Can symbols be standardized, for example?

Essay Topic 3

Freud has always been a controversial figure in psychology and yet he is revered at the same time. What ideas in this book seem to support his reputation as a bit of a renegade? What ideas in this book seem to solidify his reputation as someone who has a lot to contribute to the field? In the end, how does this book change your perception of Freud? Does it change your perception at all? Why or why not?

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