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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Each image must be replaced with a ______ that will adequately represent the individual element.
(a) color
(b) interpretation
(c) sound
(d) word

2. One thought is represented and extended through the dream by way of associated imagery, much in the same way ________ does, according to Freud.
(a) a theories
(b) atires
(c) a book
(d) poetry

3. What occurs frequently for the dreamer in relation to the characteristics specific to the dream?
(a) Displacement
(b) Poor interpretation
(c) Condensing
(d) Forgetfulness

4. The bulk of dream interpretation is done on the __________ content.
(a) superficial
(b) manifest
(c) latent
(d) childhood

5. What comment does Freud cite as an example of #153?
(a) What a dream that was
(b) This isn't real
(c) I must be dreaming
(d) After all, it is only a dream

Short Answer Questions

1. Dream interpretation must be allowed to prove ______ consistently over time.

2. The means by which dreams are represented do NOT include:

3. What can be correct or appropriate to the dream content, according to Freud?

4. There is another kind of displacement mentioned - the exchange of _______ content for mental content.

5. Another dreamer dreams of a child with a deformed ___________.

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