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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. __________ is likely linked to the nature of sleep.
(a) Symbols
(b) Dreaming
(c) Forgetting
(d) Interpretation

2. Dreams can be pointing to a ___________ or to history.
(a) memory
(b) dream
(c) recent moment
(d) decision

3. Freud also discusses the ____________ of dream content.
(a) allusion
(b) confusion
(c) desires
(d) inversion

4. Dream interpretation must be _________ based.
(a) religious
(b) logic
(c) science
(d) book

5. The dream can not create or craft ___________.
(a) speech
(b) the future
(c) paintings
(d) lies

Short Answer Questions

1. What is very common as Freud states occurs in absurd dreams?

2. Which of these is NOT a form of stimuli?

3. The dreamer of the dream in #134 also noted that the answer was throwing __________ at her.

4. This displacement is also carried out as a _____________ of condensing.

5. How many characteristics are specific to the nature of the dream?

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