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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In interpreting dreams, the elements that are uncovered must be seen as a _________ whole.
(a) clear
(b) unified
(c) steady
(d) fragmented

2. Who is the author of the theory of the nerve-stimulus dream?
(a) Freud
(b) Hillebrandt
(c) Jung
(d) Strumpell

3. Freud explores the ____________ process if a dream is a condensed version of thoughts by virtue of its leaving out most of those thoughts.
(a) dreaming
(b) learning
(c) selection
(d) interpretation

4. The displacement is carried out as ____________ of one idea for another.
(a) the discovery
(b) replacement
(c) transitioning
(d) moving

5. The bulk of dream interpretation is done on the __________ content.
(a) childhood
(b) latent
(c) manifest
(d) superficial

6. What causes the dying person in the answer to #158 to actually die?
(a) Natural causes
(b) He is ill.
(c) He doesn't die.
(d) He is set on fire.

7. Whose findings does Freud cite at the beginning of this chapter?
(a) Jung
(b) Carter
(c) Hillebrandt
(d) Stricker

8. The discussion of calculating dreams is to prove that dreams do not ____________, but merely include numbers and the art of calculating.
(a) predict financial success
(b) make sense
(c) teach math
(d) calculate

9. _______ and body stimuli are the physical sources of dreams, according to Freud.
(a) Lung
(b) Nerve
(c) Head
(d) Skin

10. The means by which dreams are represented do NOT include:
(a) Composite
(b) Inverting in nature
(c) Egotistic
(d) Comprehensive

11. Expressions in ___________________ are not so difficult.
(a) peaceful settings
(b) the therapist's office
(c) family matters
(d) condensed imagery

12. It is never definite whether the dream is to be regarded as ____________ or ___________.
(a) positive, negative
(b) painful, happy
(c) useful, not helpful
(d) helpful, harmful

13. This displacement is also carried out as a _____________ of condensing.
(a) factor
(b) instigator
(c) necessity
(d) facilitator

14. Each symbol in the dream relates or refers to the dreamer's life and _______ state.
(a) mental
(b) comfort
(c) anxiety
(d) health

15. Another dreamer dreams of a child with a deformed ___________.
(a) hand
(b) cranium
(c) leg
(d) patella

Short Answer Questions

1. The concern is the ____________ of the dream as it translates abstract dream thoughts into colors and images.

2. Internal stimuli often stems from ___________.

3. The response to stimuli is __________ because the dreaming brain has only brain activity with which to respond.

4. The dreamer of the dream in #134 also noted that the answer was throwing __________ at her.

5. Freud notes that the nature of dreams as _____ items in which the intensity of the elements is displaced.

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