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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. The dream can not create or craft ___________.
(a) lies
(b) the future
(c) paintings
(d) speech

2. What kind of nature of a dream could be described as representations in allegory form?
(a) Displacement
(b) Replacement
(c) Representation
(d) Condensation

3. The dream is an amalgamation of many kinds of __________, according to Freud.
(a) stimuli
(b) memories
(c) theories
(d) ideas

4. Freud says that writers neglect to include or make less important the somatic dream stimuli if they involve any ________ activity.
(a) family
(b) color
(c) psychic
(d) animal

5. Which dreams appear alarming but are actually wish fulfillment dreams?
(a) Death dreams
(b) Anxiety dreams
(c) Tornado dreams
(d) Fire dreams

6. What comment does Freud cite as an example of #153?
(a) I must be dreaming
(b) After all, it is only a dream
(c) This isn't real
(d) What a dream that was

7. Dream interpretation must be _________ based.
(a) book
(b) logic
(c) religious
(d) science

8. Freud also discusses the ____________ of dream content.
(a) confusion
(b) allusion
(c) desires
(d) inversion

9. The displacement is carried out as ____________ of one idea for another.
(a) replacement
(b) the discovery
(c) moving
(d) transitioning

10. Who said dreams appear without actual or appropriate emotional value?
(a) Freud
(b) Stricker
(c) Hillebrandt
(d) Strumpell

11. Which of these is NOT considered to be a source of dreams, according to laymen?
(a) Sleep positions
(b) The weather
(c) Stomach ills
(d) Occurrences during sleep

12. Freud explores the ____________ process if a dream is a condensed version of thoughts by virtue of its leaving out most of those thoughts.
(a) dreaming
(b) interpretation
(c) selection
(d) learning

13. What can threaten to undermine the very foundation of our efforts at dream interpretation?
(a) Science
(b) Other theorists
(c) Memory
(d) Doubters

14. The dreamer of the dream in #134 also noted that the answer was throwing __________ at her.
(a) paint
(b) dishes
(c) animals
(d) papers

15. What is very common as Freud states occurs in absurd dreams?
(a) Flying
(b) Being naked
(c) Running away
(d) Intellectual performance

Short Answer Questions

1. Freud uses the dream to discuss the _____ of the problematic nature of dream interpretation.

2. What causes the answer to #159?

3. Each symbol in the dream relates or refers to the dreamer's life and _______ state.

4. When the dream has been _______, that's when the dream can be changed.

5. Dream interpretation must be allowed to prove ______ consistently over time.

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