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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. The changes of __________ facilitates more than one thought.
(a) colors
(b) images
(c) dreams
(d) meanings

2. To follow up #146, the answer cannot be denied, even though the dreamer might, upon waking, deny the subject of the __________.
(a) dream
(b) memory
(c) truth
(d) interpretation

3. Freud compares dream work to dream ___________.
(a) studies
(b) thoughts
(c) symbols
(d) books

4. The response to stimuli is __________ because the dreaming brain has only brain activity with which to respond.
(a) creative
(b) psychic
(c) verbal
(d) logical

5. A dreamer who recognizes he is dreaming has slipped past the _____ that transpose the dream thoughts.
(a) words
(b) images
(c) censors
(d) actions

6. The dream can not create or craft ___________.
(a) lies
(b) speech
(c) paintings
(d) the future

7. Freud says that writers neglect to include or make less important the somatic dream stimuli if they involve any ________ activity.
(a) animal
(b) psychic
(c) color
(d) family

8. Each image must be replaced with a ______ that will adequately represent the individual element.
(a) sound
(b) color
(c) interpretation
(d) word

9. Which dreams appear alarming but are actually wish fulfillment dreams?
(a) Fire dreams
(b) Anxiety dreams
(c) Death dreams
(d) Tornado dreams

10. The dreamer of the dream in #134 also noted that the answer was throwing __________ at her.
(a) dishes
(b) paint
(c) animals
(d) papers

11. These symbols must be translated ______________.
(a) in groups.
(b) quickly.
(c) within the context of the dreamer's life.
(d) one at a time.

12. What kind of nature of a dream could be described as representations in allegory form?
(a) Condensation
(b) Representation
(c) Displacement
(d) Replacement

13. What proves the answer to #150?
(a) Psychology study
(b) Nothing
(c) Dream interpretation
(d) Mental health statistics

14. Expressions in ___________________ are not so difficult.
(a) peaceful settings
(b) the therapist's office
(c) condensed imagery
(d) family matters

15. Evidence of ______________ does exist in sensory images and in the physical changes during dreaming.
(a) mental health healing
(b) delusions
(c) psychic leanings
(d) internal sensory impact

Short Answer Questions

1. A __________ interpretation is required once the initial interpretation of a dream is done.

2. In interpreting dreams, the elements that are uncovered must be seen as a _________ whole.

3. Dreams can be pointing to a ___________ or to history.

4. What occurs frequently for the dreamer in relation to the characteristics specific to the dream?

5. The discussion of calculating dreams is to prove that dreams do not ____________, but merely include numbers and the art of calculating.

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