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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. It is never definite whether the dream is to be regarded as ____________ or ___________.
(a) painful, happy
(b) helpful, harmful
(c) positive, negative
(d) useful, not helpful

2. Dream interpretation must be allowed to prove ______ consistently over time.
(a) fortune telling
(b) valid
(c) itself
(d) wrong

3. The dream can not create or craft ___________.
(a) speech
(b) lies
(c) the future
(d) paintings

4. Expressions in ___________________ are not so difficult.
(a) the therapist's office
(b) peaceful settings
(c) condensed imagery
(d) family matters

5. What can be correct or appropriate to the dream content, according to Freud?
(a) Retribution
(b) Actions
(c) Input
(d) Affect

6. Each symbol in the dream relates or refers to the dreamer's life and _______ state.
(a) health
(b) mental
(c) anxiety
(d) comfort

7. The response to stimuli is __________ because the dreaming brain has only brain activity with which to respond.
(a) verbal
(b) creative
(c) psychic
(d) logical

8. Which of these is NOT a form of stimuli?
(a) Sensory
(b) Internal physical
(c) Internal
(d) External

9. Everything in dreams that seems to be _________ is not but is instead what Freud considers dream thoughts that find their way completely as latent dream content.
(a) useful
(b) intellectual
(c) logical
(d) simple

10. A __________ interpretation is required once the initial interpretation of a dream is done.
(a) careful
(b) scientific
(c) peaceful
(d) holistic

11. There is also mention of a dream in which a trip during a storm to a ____________ that is soaked through.
(a) car
(b) tent
(c) train
(d) hotel

12. To follow up #146, the answer cannot be denied, even though the dreamer might, upon waking, deny the subject of the __________.
(a) dream
(b) truth
(c) interpretation
(d) memory

13. Freud begins with the retelling of a dream that one of his patients had after hearing the story of the same dream at a ___________.
(a) retreat
(b) class
(c) meeting
(d) lecture

14. Manifest dream content presents itself as symbols, which Freud calls _______________,
(a) blobs
(b) charges
(c) animals
(d) hieroglyphs

15. Which of these is NOT considered to be a source of dreams, according to laymen?
(a) Stomach ills
(b) Occurrences during sleep
(c) The weather
(d) Sleep positions

Short Answer Questions

1. The answer to #152 is not directed at the ________ itself but is applied appropriately to the dream content as a response by the dreamer.

2. How many characteristics are specific to the nature of the dream?

3. Freud notes that the nature of dreams as _____ items in which the intensity of the elements is displaced.

4. In interpreting dreams, the elements that are uncovered must be seen as a _________ whole.

5. What comment does Freud cite as an example of #153?

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