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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Freud says that writers neglect to include or make less important the somatic dream stimuli if they involve any ________ activity.
(a) psychic
(b) family
(c) color
(d) animal

2. Who is the author of the theory of the nerve-stimulus dream?
(a) Jung
(b) Freud
(c) Hillebrandt
(d) Strumpell

3. It is never definite whether the dream is to be regarded as ____________ or ___________.
(a) painful, happy
(b) useful, not helpful
(c) positive, negative
(d) helpful, harmful

4. Dream interpretation must be allowed to prove ______ consistently over time.
(a) wrong
(b) valid
(c) fortune telling
(d) itself

5. _______ and body stimuli are the physical sources of dreams, according to Freud.
(a) Lung
(b) Skin
(c) Head
(d) Nerve

6. Freud thinks there is a difficulty in using dream examples when they are related out of ___________.
(a) the office
(b) patient journals
(c) spite
(d) context

7. The final component of dream formation is the __________ expressed by the dreamer during the dream.
(a) ecstasy
(b) openness
(c) criticism
(d) energy

8. The _________ is the element in dreams that frees dreamers to speak untruths.
(a) animal
(b) censor
(c) image
(d) dialogue

9. What comment does Freud cite as an example of #153?
(a) After all, it is only a dream
(b) This isn't real
(c) What a dream that was
(d) I must be dreaming

10. The answer to #152 is not directed at the ________ itself but is applied appropriately to the dream content as a response by the dreamer.
(a) dreamer
(b) interpretation
(c) dream
(d) study

11. In interpreting dreams, the elements that are uncovered must be seen as a _________ whole.
(a) unified
(b) fragmented
(c) steady
(d) clear

12. Freud uses the dream to discuss the _____ of the problematic nature of dream interpretation.
(a) idea
(b) silliness
(c) challenge
(d) topic

13. These symbols must be translated ______________.
(a) within the context of the dreamer's life.
(b) in groups.
(c) one at a time.
(d) quickly.

14. The dreamer's ________ typical stimuli is never consistent.
(a) understanding of
(b) movement toward
(c) interpretation of
(d) response to

15. Which of these is NOT considered to be a source of dreams, according to laymen?
(a) The weather
(b) Stomach ills
(c) Occurrences during sleep
(d) Sleep positions

Short Answer Questions

1. What is very common as Freud states occurs in absurd dreams?

2. The discussion of calculating dreams is to prove that dreams do not ____________, but merely include numbers and the art of calculating.

3. The concern is the ____________ of the dream as it translates abstract dream thoughts into colors and images.

4. The true nature of ______ is not recognized in the dream, but is usually mistaken for something else.

5. Each image must be replaced with a ______ that will adequately represent the individual element.

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